The best customer experiences
begin with the right data.

mParticle is the customer data platform for brands leading the CX revolution. Unify data and simplify partner integrations with enterprise-class security and reliability.

Product Managers

A better way to build your marketing stack

Easily unify your data and connect it to (and from) 300+ marketing and analytics tools with a secure and reliable API.

Growth Marketers

Drive growth, faster

Accelerate growth, retention, and monetization by improving data quality and simplifying data connections across all of your channels and partners in real time.


Increase quality and security while reducing cost

Simplify and secure your customer data pipeline so you can spend more time building, and less time deploying marketing tools.


Connect to the best-in-class providers with just a few clicks

Simplify your growth stack with 250+ best-in-class integrations, built with enterprise-class reliability. Reduce implementation time and get to market at the pace of your customers.

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Built for scale


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