WebinarsSeptember 18, 2019

How GOAT uses full funnel data for a user-centric Facebook program

Learn how GOAT uses mParticle to build real-time audiences that power cross-device Facebook marketing for maximum ROI.

The key to a successful eCommerce Facebook program lies in the ability to leverage the full customer journey of events—both in-app and on the web. With mParticle at the center of their marketing stack, GOAT accesses events across devices and builds them into real-time audiences to optimize their Facebook program for the best ROI possible.

In this on-demand webinar, GOAT's Director of Growth, Mike Phu, and mParticle’s Head of Customer Marketing, Alex Maguire, discuss how GOAT:

  • Improved marketing operational efficiency by 52%
  • Built a Facebook growth strategy across the funnel with heartbeat events at each level
  • Accessed a holistic data plan organizing events across devices
  • Connected their own customer data across mobile and web with third party tools and vendors like Facebook

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