in store qr code

Three Ways to leverage in-store QR codes

Retailers need to create cohesive experiences, but moving traditional offline customers to digital products can be challenging. Learn how you can use QR codes in-store to move customers online and close the data loop.

Henry Church – August 23, 2018
The essential CDP reading list

The essential Customer Data Platform reading list

Industry experts from a variety of publications discuss the who’s, why's, what’s, and how’s of martech’s hottest new technology: the customer data platform (CDP).

Joey Colvin – August 08, 2018
The Customer Data Platform magic quadrant vendor landscape

The Customer Data Platform vendor landscape

The customer data platform vendor landscape is confusing, but can be segmented along three dimensions: business model, data sources, and customer type. This post explains each one, so you can separate signal from noise and identify the right CDP for your business.

David Spitz – August 03, 2018
via customer experience image

Improve product experience with unified data

Harnessing data from multiple sources, Via’s growth team reduced rider wait time and created a brand fueled by customer satisfaction.


CDP vs. DMP: What’s the difference and which one should you use?

Create a dynamic martech stack capable of collecting, transforming, and activating customer data by using a Customer Data Platform to augment your Data Management Platform. Learn how you can leverage these technologies to help you turn your customer data into a growth asset.

Kiera Abbamonte – June 17, 2022
Overstock device image email mock

Real-time, contextual marketing, across every channel

Overstock built a modern, best-of-breed marketing stack—with the customer at the center.

June 22, 2018

Customer Success Story: Jet

Learn how uses mParticle to unify data from mobile and web to create seamless customer experiences.

May 24, 2017
mParticle and Postmates Case Study on user journey analytics, Hero Background

Inside Postmates's experimentation engine

How integrated customer data enables Postmates’ growth team to answer not only “the what” but also the “so what” – across product, marketing, and customer support

People-centric advertising, made smarter

Using mParticle as the data foundation for its media attribution analytics, Gilt increased ad efficiency by 20%

June 13, 2018
Learn how mParticle helps our customers not only support GDPR compliance but embrace it

4 Ways a CDP helps customers embrace the GDPR

The GDPR is finally here. Learn how mParticle helps our customers not only support GDPR compliance but embrace it.

Tim Norris – May 24, 2018
Why it's time to rethink your customer data strategy

Why it's time to rethink your customer data strategy

Times are changing, and so should your customer data strategy.

David Spitz – July 20, 2017
The fifth pillar of big data

Validity: The fifth V of Big Data

The Four V's of Big Data have been an industry standard since their introduction, but the increasing concerns about privacy recently have led to the need of a fifth V: Validity.

Tim Norris – May 16, 2018