Data engineeringMay 10, 2017

Introducing support for Unity on Android and iOS

We are excited to announce that mParticle now supports Unity on Android and iOS!

We are excited to announce that mParticle now supports Unity on Android and iOS!

One of the problems developers face with Unity is that not many third-party SDKs support it, forcing app developers to write platform-specific code for each integration.

mParticle provides an easy-to-use C# library class bundled with our native iOS and Android SDKs allowing developers to leverage over 150 supported service providers that are otherwise unsupported by Unity. Additionally, with our server-based architecture, your app will perform better with our single lightweight SDK than it would incorporating a series of other SDKs.

We’ve bundled the C# source code, required libraries, and other helper files as a single Unity package file to allow for easy import into an existing or new project. Our library uses Unity’s platform dependent compilation to determine which SDK it should incorporate into your application.

By leveraging the core mParticle SDKs already available for iOS and Android, and the cross-platform capabilities of Unity, your app can have a single clean codebase that connects all of your app services.

Want to learn more? Check out the docs on Github

AuthorSam DozorSam Dozor leads Mobile Engineering at mParticle

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