CXJune 27, 2018

Meet customer expectations for dynamic personalization

Manual batch processing of customer data, as is the norm for traditional customer engagement architecture, just doesn't cut it in the age of "now." Learn to create a martech stack for real-time personalization.

Learn to create a martech stack for real-time personalization

The paradigm for customer engagement is shifting from large, monolithic experiences that serve everyone to smaller, more contextual experiences that companies serve to consumers exactly when they need them.

Forrester, April 2018

A new Forrester report reveals that traditional customer engagement architectures are ill-equipped to meet customer’s expectations for dynamic personalization—often referred to as "real-time decisioning."  

Historically, marketers would send and process customer data into a central data warehouse where most of the logic and reconciliation would occur. This includes activities like segmentation, scoring, identity resolution and attribution.  Batch, static, or offline processing of this type was sufficient when customer engagement cycles which were measured in days, even weeks.

However, as customers have moved into multi-device and multi-channel engagement habits, the engagement cycles have, in many cases, shortened dramatically.  It is not uncommon for customers to engage with a brand via email, text, and social media within minutes. In these cases, static processing is insufficient to provide a coherent experience; quite the opposite, the slow and disjointed experiences can do permanent harm to a customer’s relationship with your brand.

The capability to engage in real time is determined by many factors, but at the core, a modern data processing pipeline which can deploy decision making rules to endpoints or a streaming architecture is what’s required. Simply introducing real time systems at points in your architecture is not enough, either. As Forrester's Julie Ask writes, "Marketers cannot continue to bolt on new tech silos with each new technology or channel. There will simply be too many." Hence, marketers will need to build a common engine if they want to start mastering their customers’ defining moments.

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