PartnershipsAugust 30, 2017

Urban Airship partnership

With Urban Airship and mParticle, customers can deliver more targeted and personalized notifications throughout the customer lifecycle.

Urban Airship, featured in the Mobile Marketing Automation column of mParticle’s Periodic Table of App Data SDKs helps brands reach customers in moments that matter. Their Digital Growth Platform is used by mobile-first brands to deliver precision-targeted, real-time, notification-style messages across every channel at every step in the customer journey.

Our partnership with Urban Airship allows marketers to do the following with minimal engineering effort:

  • Merge real-time, user-level mobile app data with customer data from other platforms to deliver more targeted and personalized notifications throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Run multi-channel campaigns across Urban Airship and other platforms by defining audience segments within the mParticle platform once and sharing it across multiple channels.
  • Analyze campaign performance and ROI by sending message response and behavioral data from Urban Airship to analytics tools like Adobe Analytics, Amplitude and Google Analytics via mParticle.

Urban Airship by the numbers

  • $67.6 million raised (Foundry Group, Intel Capital, True Ventures)
  • 45,000-plus digital properties served, sending more than 2B notifications per day
  • 878% ROI, according to Forrester’s Total Economic impact Report

Who uses Urban Airship?

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AuthorTricia PrashadTricia is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at mParticle.

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