Assess your customer data maturity

Take the customer data maturity quiz to understand your org’s maturity and identify opportunities to take your data strategy to the next level.

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Understand your maturity level

  • Level 1: Reactive
  • Teams utilize multiple tools for data activation, but lack process, ownership, and integrations to scale effectively.

  • Level 2: Centralized
  • Teams collaborate on first-party data strategy and implement a customer data infrastructure with integrations.

  • Level 3: Advanced
  • Teams automate identity resolution, data quality, and data privacy, laying the foundation for AI personalization.

Get actionable insights

Get actionable takeaways

Level up with realistic recommendations on how you can improve your customer data maturity.

Learn how to:

  • Automate identity resolution, data privacy, and data quality

  • Define customer data ownership and increase collaboration

  • Get started with AI predictions and journey building

Based on real data

Based on real data

We spoke with individuals at dozens of consumer brands like Airbnb, ChowNow, and Burger King to developed a maturity model based on trends we identified. Next, we surveyed hundreds of practitioners to ensure that the model reflects the challenges faced by teams like yours.

It’s time to take your customer data strategy to the next level

Successful personalization at scale requires intentional planning around customer data management, process, and tooling. Understand your customer data maturity and identify areas for improvement so that you can begin delivering the customer experiences of tomorrow, today.