Your real-time customer data pipeline

From marketing to analytics to customer support, mParticle empowers different teams to execute on their KPIs independently while understanding the customer holistically.
  • Unify: Gain access to a unified view of your customers' activity across channels, devices, and platforms.
  • Segment: Easily create custom audiences and sync them to marketing automation and ad platforms.
  • Connect: Instantly integrate with marketing clouds, email, push, and advertising platforms.

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Customer results

  • Increased advertising efficiency by 10%
  • In the first 8 months, Overstock increased advertising efficiency by 10 percent across the marketing department.

  • Collected +130M customer events
  • By leveraging mParticle to improve the product's social feed, Venmo was able to increase engagement by 30 percent.

  • Saved 80 hours of engineering time
  • Using mParticle to test and implement new integration tools, Lilly Pulitzer saved 80 hours of engineering work in a single month.

mParticle brings our data into one place, so we can understand where users could benefit from an improved experience.

Adam Kitain

Growth at Via

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