mParticle FeaturesMay 3, 2017

mParticle launches industry-first mobile P2P data sharing solution

New audience sharing capability unlocks growth opportunities for app marketers and publishers

New audience sharing capability unlocks growth opportunities for app marketers and publishers

New York – May 3, 2017 – mParticle, the API for Growth, today announced it has launched the industry’s first mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) audience sharing solution. With this new capability, mParticle customers can share audience segments directly with other mParticle customers to unlock new marketing, analytics, and monetization possibilities.

The newly released capability streamlines the process of two brands working together by creating a direct connection between customers using the mParticle platform, eliminating the need for unnecessary third-parties. The end result is more scalable marketing opportunities, richer insights, and significant cost savings compared to legacy approaches that rely on multiple intermediaries.

“This solution was built to simplify the entire data sharing workflow between two parties while eliminating cost along the supply chain,” said Michael Katz, mParticle co-founder and CEO. “P2P audience sharing will create new analytics opportunities for brands, and makes it easier to unlock high-value marketing opportunities seamlessly and securely.”

P2P audience sharing increases transparency and scalability in a privacy friendly and fully secure environment. The data sent is fully encrypted, and the exchanging parties must explicitly consent to the peer-to-peer data sharing functionality. Once opted in, both parties must agree to governing terms and may choose to accept, or reject, the data being shared.

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Headquartered in New York City, mParticle empowers brands to accelerate growth in a multi-screen world. Our simple, secure API is used by Airbnb, Venmo, King, Spotify and other leading brands to integrate their marketing stack and drive engagement, retention, and monetization. Since our launch in 2013, mParticle has grown to manage more than 1 billion mobile users, capture more than $5 billion in mCommerce transactions, and process greater than 500 billion API calls monthly.

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