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Media SDK

Measure video and audio usage metrics such as view counts, watch time, average views, engagement, click performance, and more with one easy-to-setup SDK.

Your customers spend an average of 12 hours per day consuming media. Do you know how they spend that time?

The Media SDK allows you to track consumption across mobile, web, and streaming services to drive personalized experiences for better engagement and LTV.

Monitor real-time content performance with a single SDK

Measure real-time media consumption granularly—including view counts, watch time, average view time, impressions, CTR, audio, and engagement with downloaded media.

Build 360-degree customer views

Combine media metrics with user engagement data from all other digital touch points to get a holistic understanding of your customers’ journeys.

Act on customer experience insights

Forward engagement data to your analytics tools to learn how to improve the experience, make more relevant recommendations, and optimize ad content and placement.

media sdk

Understand content and user experiences

Collect, track, and forward content and user engagement events to your analytics reporting tools

media sdk

Boost engagement with real-time audiences

Define and forward audience segments based on viewing preferences and activity to 250+ of the leading marketing, analytics, and BI tools.

media sdk

One implementation, all major media players and platforms

Track content performance across all mediums, including digital and traditional broadcast

All major media players and platforms supported

iOS, Android, Javascript, Apple TV, Android TV

Supported players

Brightcove, Ooyala, Video.js, and others

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