The customer data platform for the connected age.

Unify your customer data and connect it anywhere to improve marketing performance, enhance analytics, and transform the customer experience.


Gather data from cloud services, backend systems, mobile apps, the web, and connected devices through prebuilt APIs and SDK connectors.

Native Data Collection


Systematically tag, cleanse, dedupe, and standardize data. Map events and attributes from diverse sources to a single schema.

Data Transformation


Append derived values and modeled scores to customer records. Enhance with added context and insights from behavioral, location, and cross-device data providers.



Associate customer profiles across channels, devices, and systems into a single unified view. Visualize them in mParticle or via query from external systems.

Single Customer View

Customize how identities are created, stitched, and updated.



Build audience lists and sync them across external systems. Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns and experiences.



Connect to 175+ of the leading marketing, analytics, and data warehousing solutions. Control, filter, throttle, and monitor data outputs at a granular level.

All Integrations

Security & Governance

Protect customer data and privacy rights with strong encryption, governance controls, and live monitoring.

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