In today's multi-screen world, product management requires fast, accurate, and complete data to make the right decisions and design the best end user experiences. mParticle's API gives it to you.

mParticle for Product Teams

Boost productivity

Unite disparate data sources to better understand the customer and key business metrics 

Simplify integrations and enable engineering to get back to core product development

Unlock insights

Democratize data access

Create a single source of truth that every platform in your stack can call for customer context

Maintain roadmap integrity by reducing engineering time spent on marketing and analytics tool integrations, while still giving the business what they need

Reduce the complexity of implementing and maintaining multiple, 3rd-party data integrations with access to 175+ of the leading marketing, analytics, and data warehouse solutions through a single API

Combine data from behavioral analytics, media attribution, customer support systems, and more into a single profile view to inform better product decision-making

Simplify data integration

Enhance product analytics

Ship more product

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