WebinarsOctober 29, 2019

How Drybar is powering exceptional customer experiences with data & location context

Sarah Hoffmann, CMO of retail disrupter Drybar, shares how her team powers personalized, omni-channel experiences that keep pace with their customers’ needs.

Today, the bar set for consumer preferences is sky high and evolving more rapidly than ever before. 72% of customers expect brands to know their user engagement history regardless of what method of communication they used, and 42% of consumers get annoyed when an experience is not personalized.

With this challenge in mind, Drybar—one of the largest and most innovative retail beauty brands in the US—has found success leveraging data and location context to create exceptional customer experiences that extend beyond the salons’ walls.

Tune in on November 18th as Drybar CMO Sarah Hoffmann sits down with mParticle and Radar to discuss:

  • Build a future-proof tech stack that leverages consumer insights and geofencing to extend the brand experience beyond the store
  • Successfully map the customer journey to understand the level of engagement at each stage
  • Launch a 360-marketing strategy to deliver relevant and customer-centric marketing across channels
  • Engage a community of women advocates everywhere

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