b2c data management webinar


How customer-obsessed brands manage data

In this on-demand webinar, hear mParticle's CMO and Head of Solutions Engineering as they share how top B2C brands use data differently than everyone else.

November 09, 2018


Know your customers through data and experimentation

Learn how to fuel your entire tech stack with customer data in this on-demand webinar with mParticle and Mixpanel.

October 17, 2018
Clearbit and mParticle Webinar on Demand


Beyond the Hype: Getting started on your Artificial Intelligence (AI) for marketing journey

Learn how to get your data ready for predictive personalization in this on-demand webinar.

Abril McCloud – August 13, 2018
mobile data collection


Where does mobile data fit in your infrastructure?

Connected devices are everywhere, and that means that opportunities for customer engagement are also everywhere. Learn where mobile data collection should fit in your martech infrastructure.

Abril McCloud – August 10, 2018


When is the best time to invest in a CDP?

Some companies are better off waiting before they invest in a customer data platform, while others aren't. Check out this 3-minute video to determine where you fit.

July 20, 2018


Why not all customer data integration methods are created equal

Modern marketing stacks are made up of dozens of different tools and systems, requiring marketers to find a way to integrate all of their data. But, not all customer data integration methods are equal. Watch this 3-minute explainer to learn more.

July 18, 2018


Where does a CDP sit in a typical enterprise infrastructure?

Learn how a CDP can help streamline and enhance existing enterprise infrastructure with this five minute explainer video from mParticle.

July 18, 2018
overstock personalization


Inside Overstock's Personalization Engine

Learn how Overstock powers personalization across web, email, mobile, and beyond.


The complete guide to Customer Data Platforms

Read this in-depth guide on Customer Data Platforms to learn about their capabilities and how you can benefit from its implementation.

February 15, 2018


The CDP Vendor Comparison Tool

Selecting the right Customer Data Platform for your team is an important decision, but your evaluation doesn’t have to be a complex process. Use this comparison tool to prioritize the platform features that are most important to you and track how different vendors compare.

cdp gdpr


Support GDPR compliance with a CDP

GDPR readiness starts with data controls. A Customer Data Platform can help. Watch this webinar to learn how.

Alexandra Maguire – December 12, 2017
gdpr ccpa


Prepare for GDPR with a CDP

With the GDPR enforcement date looming, many brands are scrambling to get their customer data processes up to regulation. Learn how a CDP can help.

Abril McCloud