GDPR Compliance

Protect consumers’ privacy across devices, digital touchpoints, and technology vendors with data controls built specifically for GDPR compliance.

Support GDPR Compliance across the technology stack

Manage and activate consent

Collect, store, and share consent permissions and use permissions to control data flows

Honor data subject rights

Manage, fulfill, and federate data subject requests for access, erasure, and portability

Monitor data flows in real time

Gain a transparent view of what customer data is being collected and where it’s being sent

mParticle helped form OpenGDPR, a common framework enabling companies to work together to protect consumers' privacy and data rights.

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How mParticle can help


Collect and store real-time consent permissions across channels, devices, and platforms.

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Gain a unified view of all data collected for an individual user to easily fulfill access, portability, and erasure requests.

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Share consent permissions and requests for access, portability, and erasure with an ecosystem of 175+ partners.

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