Use your data to drive interaction, not just interruption. Break down silos across paid ads, retention marketing, walled gardens, and the open web.

Drive more conversions, faster

Personalize every interaction

Let contextual data inform what messages, creatives, and offers to deliver.

Engage customers across channels

Coordinate omnichannel marketing campaigns to reach your customers where they are.

Advertise Smarter

Improve ad targeting efficiency of user acquisition and remarketing campaigns.

Overstock device image email mock

Overstock uses machine learning to drive one-to-one customer engagement.

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How mParticle can help


Gain access to a unified view of customers activity across channels, devices, and platforms.

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Create custom audience segments and sync them to marketing automation and advertising platforms in a matter of minutes.

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Instantly integrate with marketing clouds, email, push notification, and advertising platforms.

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