AI Within Reach

The marketer's guide to transforming the customer experience with machine learning

Ready to turn AI hype into reality for your team? Download the guide to learn how you can begin incorporating AI into your workflows to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your personalization programs.

Interest in AI’s applications in marketing has skyrocketed. But with limited access to data science resources and lack of clarity on practical use cases, many marketing practitioners are still trying to demystify AI’s role in their strategy and understand how they can realistically get started.

When you look beyond the hype, it’s clear that AI has the potential to transform marketers’ impact on the business, driving as much as a 20% decrease in costs and a 10% increase in revenue (McKinsey, 2022) while also eliminating the need for third-party data enrichment.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • How AI can be used to generate customer predictions, lookalike audiences, creative, and more
  • How marketers at enterprise brands such as Klarna and the New York Post are leveraging AI to power their campaigns
  • How you can begin generating customer predictions with AI—without an army of data scientists