Use data to deliver personalized experiences at the pace of your travelers.

Serve world-class experiences that go beyond the reservation. Unify customer data from across sources to gain a better understanding of customer needs. Use those insights to deliver frictionless and enjoyable travel experiences.

travel platform

Improve mobile travel experiences and alleviate technical risk

According to a Hubspot study, 90% of travel brands say that having a mobile strategy is critical to the future success of their organization. mParticle helps you collect mobile data from iOS and Android, unify and transform it, and share it back out across your martech stack through our 250+ integrations.  The mParticle SDK keeps your mobile applications free of unnecessary third-party code, saving implementation hours and reducing technical risks.

travel platform
travel platform

Simplify regulatory compliance, secure travelers’ trust

Ensure you're safeguarding data with mParticle’s built-in compliance and governance capabilities. Secure how traveler data moves through your pipeline with custom rules, conditional forwarding, and consent management

Use mParticle to seamlessly integrate with leading Travel and Hospitality tools and platforms

No more cold starts

Load historical data for immediate time to value.

Vendor A/B tests

Find the right vendor and test them out with historical data.

Save engineering hours

Spend less engineering time on integrations and maintenance.

Support privacy downstream

Collect consent and forward only the right data to your tools.

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