Convert more shoppers with personalized experiences

Drive more purchases with world class customer experiences. Stand out against unprecedented levels of competition by showing the shopper the product they want. Deliver personalized shopping across devices by unifying and unlocking customer data. Better understand customers and optimize their experience with experimentation and access to the right data.

“With mParticle, we were able to bring together all the data we have and make it accessible across the entire organization”

Sarah Hoffmann,

Chief Marketing Officer

  • 136
  • Stores nationwide

  • 3x
  • Increase in booking conversion rate

  • 2.5
  • Million blowouts

Give your shoppers the personalized experiences they desire

Shoppers expect an experience curated to their preferences, but a recent study found that only 22% of shoppers feel brands do a good job of personalizing their relationship. mParticle’s Profile API makes it possible to leverage persistent user profiles to drive one-to-one personalization anywhere you can send an HTTPS request.

Keep up with industry changes without technical dependencies

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest… trying to determine where, when, and how to reach and engage with your shoppers, whether they’re first time purchasers or loyal brand advocates, can be a challenge in this ever-changing commerce environment. With mParticle’s robust integration ecosystem, your marketing teams can easily integrate new tools, test audience segments and channels seamlessly - without relying on engineering resources.  The results: quicker time-to-market for your campaigns, round-trip data to improve campaigns, and fewer technical dependencies - leading to increased LTV and reduced CAC.

Be a leader in managing customer trust and consent

Gaining and maintaining customers’ trust is critical to brands’ success.  With new regulations in place on how brands can collect, store, and share customer’s data, creating or updating your consent management processes should be at the top of every retailer’s priority list. With mParticle, you can use our GDPR and CCPA tools for Consent Management and Data Subject Requests.

Connect to best-in-class providers with just a few clicks.

No more cold starts

Load historical data for immediate time to value.

Vendor A/B tests

Find the right vendor and test them out with historical data.

Save engineering hours

Spend less engineering time on integrations and maintenance.

Support privacy downstream

Collect consent and forward only the right data to your tools.

Get started today

Try out mParticle and see how to integrate and orchestrate customer data the right way for your business.

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