Connect your entire retail experience

Unify, understand, and unleash your entire retail experience to turn your customer data into customer joy.


Deliver hyper-personalized 
buying experiences.

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    Improve customer lifetime value

    Whether you are looking to drive cross-sells or upsells, keep customers around longer, or increase basket size, with mParticle, you can deliver the experiences and offers your customers will thank you for.

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    Drive repeat purchases and prevent churn

    Identify what your best customers look like and how they engage across all touchpoints to better predict which customers are likely to buy more, which are likely to churn, and move from reactive to proactive marketing.

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    Next Best Action and Next Best Offer

    With our Next Best Action and Next Best Offer capabilities, we are able to help you always deliver the right message to the right customer on the right channel, steering you to the most optimal business outcomes.

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    Cost-efficient customer acquisition at scale

    Create dynamically-updating, real-time suppression lists that are synced across all your paid media channels to eliminate waste and boost ROI. You can also build look-alike audiences to identify and target prospects who most resemble your highest value customers to scale your acquisition strategies.

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improvement in marketing operational efficiency

GOAT’s scalable lifecycle marketing strategy

Learn how GOAT uses mParticle to streamline their data pipeline and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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increase in advertising efficiency

Overstock built a modern, best-of-breed marketing stack—with the customer at the center.

More than just driving transactions, the marketing team at Overstock aims to connect people with products and services in new and unexpected ways.

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incremental revenue per year powering suppression with mParticle Audiences

How Marks & Spencer drove revenue growth with mParticle's real-time segmentation and personalization

M&S boosted revenue with mParticle by leveraging real-time data for personalized experiences, resulting in £6.5M incremental yearly revenue.

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mParticle is essential for Klarna because no matter what touchpoint a customer interacts on, we’re able to create a unified profile. We also have the ability to integrate different attributes, including our predictive attributes, within the same profile, in real time.

Gaia Del Mauro

Product Manager, CRM Data, Klarna

Designed for multi-channel consumer brands.

Real time data

Deliver high-quality customer data throughout your marketing stack in real time

Get the right data into the right systems in real time, and deliver targeted products and offers across all channels.

  • POS integrations
  • Real-time event streaming
  • Data quality protections
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Observability, notifications, and alerts
Customer 360

Move from a unified customer view to an intelligent customer view

Remove data silos and scale your segmentation and customer journey analytics by getting a unified, continuous, and intelligent view of your customer, augmented with rich insights and predictive attributes.

  • Flexible identity resolution
  • Probabilistic matching
  • Householding
  • Predictive attributes
  • Calculated attributes

Reach the right audience wherever they are

mParticle’s suite of real-time segmentation tools is the most flexible offering in the market, ensuring that you can always connect with your customer, across any channel.

  • Audience journey sequences
  • Actionable customer insights
  • Predictive audiences
  • Multivariate audience splits

Better understand the customer journey

Optimize every touchpoint of your customer journey with mParticle Analytics. No matter whether your goal is to scale acquisition, conversion, or retention across any or all channels, we help make it easy to uncover new opportunities with actionable insights.

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Multipath funnel analysis
  • User cohort analysis
  • Audience insights
  • Dashboards and reporting

Predict what offers your customers want next

Predict and deliver the most relevant products and offers that each of your customers want, based on their engagement, preferences, account settings, and more.

  • Propensity scoring
  • Churn prevention
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Uplift analysis
  • Regression testing

Protect user privacy and ensure compliance across the organization

Whether you want to streamline regulatory compliance with automated DSR management and federation, or if you want to custom configure how mParticle is used through custom roles and permissions, we make it easy to have complete control over your customer data.

  • Flexible identity resolution
  • Data filters
  • Data forwarding rules
  • DSR forwarding
  • Customizable user access controls

See the platform in action.

With our hands-on demo, you can explore how mParticle integrates your data to help you confidently make decisions, scale efficiently, and connect online and offline experiences to delight your customers.

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Over 300+ integrations go deeper and deliver more.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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