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Deliver the content and offers that capture your viewers’ attention

mParticle enables you to deliver real-time personalized content across every screen from web to mobile to connected TV.

Media Solutions

Deliver hyper-personalized 
content in the moment.

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    Deliver personalized content across all screens

    Tailor content recommendations and boost engagement and conversion using a complete history of every visitor’s interactions across all of your digital properties, while remaining VPPA compliant.

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    Convert visitors into paying customers

    Easily drive more trials and subscriptions. Convert more visitors into paying customers by visualizing and optimizing the customer journey, targeting people likely to convert and decreasing your reliance on paid acquisition.

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    Improve ad yields

    Easily and flexibly create any audience segment you can articulate, and use those segments to deliver more targeted campaigns on behalf of your clients.

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    Stream video heartbeat data

    Stream your video playback data in real time to all of your measurement services without heavy implementation process or degrading the user experience.

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of hours saved for the data engineering team

How HBO Max launched personalized reengagement campaigns

With mParticle, HBO Max's marketing team is able to create audiences without engineering support and engage with their users more strategically.

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increase in Sports+ membership using mParticle’s AI engine

How the New York Post tripled campaign conversions for its premium sports membership

Learn how the New York Post leveraged AI to improve campaign targeting and drive subscriptions.

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mParticle makes it easy for us to safely send data to multiple media vendors, which allows us to be effective and efficient.

Mike Aguenza

Product Manager, Spotify


decrease in customer acquisition cost

How NOVA Entertainment uncovered audience insights with a real-time customer data foundation

By partnering with mParticle, Nova Entertainment was able to doubled its registered customer base while also lowering customer acquisition costs.

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Designed for multi-channel consumer brands.

Real time data

Sync your customer data in real time across all screens, channels, and devices

Get the right data into the right system in real time, and make sure you always deliver targeted content and offers in the moments that matter.

  • Native data collection
  • Real-time event streaming
  • Data quality protections
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Observability, notifications, and alerts
Customer 360

Capture and unify all user interactions across all channels into an intelligent customer 360º

Create as continuous customer 360º that unifies all interactions across all channels into an up-to-the-second, high fidelity view of your customer.

  • Flexible identity resolution
  • Probabilistic matching
  • Householding
  • Predictive attributes
  • Calculated attributes

Create and deliver personalized and adaptive content experiences

mParticle’s suite of real-time segmentation tools is the most flexible offering in the market ensuring that you can always connect with your customer, across any channel, in real time.

  • Custom Audience Builder
  • Audience Journey Sequences
  • Actionable Customer Insights
  • Predictive Audiences
  • Multivariate Audience Splits

Uncover and optimize key moments in the customer journey

Transform your customer data into intuitive visualizations of the customer journey for better insights and improved understanding of the customer experience. Identify where there may be new opportunities to improve conversion.

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Multipath funnel analysis
  • User cohort analysis
  • Audience insights
  • Dashboards and reporting

Predict what content your customers want next

Predict and deliver the most relevant content that each of your customers want based on their engagement, preferences, account settings, and more.

  • Propensity scoring
  • Churn prevention
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Uplift analysis
  • Regression testing

Maintain compliance with VPPA, GDPR, and all other industry and local regulations

Our governance capabilities make it simple to ensure 100% compliance with all regulations to respect your customers’ privacy rights and keep the business out of trouble.

  • Flexible identity resolution
  • Data filters
  • Data forwarding rules
  • DSR forwarding
  • Customizable user access controls

See the platform in action.

With our hands-on demo, you can explore how mParticle integrates your data to help you confidently make decisions, scale efficiently, and connect online and offline experiences to delight your customers.

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The only CDP built for the age of AI

Over 300+ integrations go deeper and deliver more.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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