Customer 360°

Move beyond a unified view to an intelligent customer 360°

Unify real-time customer interactions with data from your cloud data warehouse to power better personalization, more complete customer journey insights, and better machine learning.

Customer 360

Unify and enrich

Unify & enrich

Don’t settle for a unified customer view—build an intelligent customer 360° based on clean and consented customer data enriched with powerful insights.

User activity view

A unified, real-time, and complete customer 360º view to serve as the foundation for better customer journey insights and audience segmentation.

Group Identities

Group users together in various ways (such as household) to augment and extend your audience targeting capabilities.

Consent States

Ensure that you’re always compliant with each of your customers’ privacy settings, keeping your organization out of trouble and your customers happy.

Calculated Attributes

Augment your customer profiles by dynamically calculating information about each of your customers (such as lifetime value).

Intelligent Attributes

Enrich your customer profiles with predictive insights such as propensity scores (such as likelihood to churn) to supercharge your marketing strategy.


Deliver real-time personalized experiences programmatically.



Deliver real-time personalized experiences programmatically.

Profile API

Our Profile API gives you real-time, on-demand access to all of your customer profile data anytime, anywhere you need.

  • Klarna
  • Klarna
  • rbi
  • rbi
  • Marley Spoon
  • Marley Spoon
  • Sofi
  • Sofi

mParticle is essential for Klarna because no matter what touchpoint a customer interacts on, we’re able to create a unified profile. We also have the ability to integrate different attributes, including our predictive attributes, within the same profile, in real time.

Gaia Del Mauro

Product Manager, CRM Data, Klarna

mParticle allows us to simplify our customer data pipeline and deliver real-time personalized experiences. With mParticle, we can create a 360-degree view of the customer across our brands and power real-time experiences that increase guest engagement.

Asher Perlmutter

Chief Technology Officer, RBI

mParticle was our top contender to partner with for a wide range of reasons. We needed a single view of the customer in order to better understand what makes a customer use Marley Spoon for the first time and ultimately retain them more effectively. Implementing a CDP was a no-brainer.

Karan Gupta

Global Head of CRM, Marley Spoon

mParticle makes it easier for us to create a 360-degree view of the customer and use that data to improve targeting and personalization in our email communications. By delivering more relevant email experiences, we can increase efficiency and build trust with our members.

David Colletta

Senior Product Manager, Growth, SoFi

Connect your data from anywhere, to anywhere.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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Security and governance

Secure by design.

From SSO to MFA, your data’s security is our priority. mParticle is built with enterprise-class security compliance, so you control data access and data encryption.