Customer data infrastructure built to scale with your business

Intelligently streamline your event tracking, and connect your customer data directly to your cloud data warehouse and other marketing applications—while also protecting data quality and governance in transit.

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Orchestrate your customer data streams simply and securely in real time to create unified, accurate, and predictive customer profiles in your data warehouse, data lake, or marketing tech applications.


mParticle simplifies data ingestion from any source, whether it’s client-side or server-side so that you only have to capture data once, improving UX and empowering the business.


mParticle seamlessly connects your customer data to your cloud data warehouse, as well as all of your mar-tech and ad-tech partners, simplifying your data operations and empowering your marketing teams to drive results.

Data Catalog

Gain a comprehensive view of all collected events, attributes, and identities, enhancing data visibility and consistency for all teams across the organization.


Easily control which events and attributes are permitted to be streamed to any data warehouse or marketing tech vendor to optimize privacy, compliance, and vendor cost concerns.


Solve data quality issues before they happen by easily defining and enforcing your desired data schema. Ensure peace of mind with powerful alerts and full observability into your data streams.

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  • Custom transformations

    Dynamically modify any incoming or outgoing data, offering a flexible solution for data cleansing, enrichment, or transformation—directly addressing the challenges of quickly fixing data quality issues without long lead times.

  • Data Plans

    Data Plans enhance data quality through automatic code generation, schema validation, and data governance, ensuring reliable data activation and building confidence in data-driven decisions by preventing quality issues.


real time identify

Our identity resolution system unifies and organizes your customer data in real time, creating unified, and intelligent user profiles.


IDSync, our completely customizable identity resolution engine helps your organization build unified and intelligent customer profiles from your event streams and various data sources.

User grouping

Group users based on households or other grouping mechanisms to better identify relationships and connections between your users for audience extension campaigns and deeper insights.

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Our marketing team is being empowered to do and think differently. mParticle allows our teams to access real-time data and run tests across channels more easily, which has resulted in greater confidence leveraging data and a change in mindset.

Alex Williams

Head of Online Trading & Growth, Marks & Spencer

It's key to have a tool that unlocks real-time data and insights without needing to go to a data scientist.

Miguel Martin

Global Head of Digital Marketing, Joe & The Juice

We are thrilled to leverage the power of mParticle to enhance our data strategy and drive exceptional customer experiences that sustainably fuel our growth. Warehouse Sync enables us to optimize the value of our data team's investments in Snowflake and seamlessly align them with our marketing objectives.

Jacqueline Supman

Director of Product Management, Tatcha (Unilever)

The data plan is far and away my favorite feature in mParticle. It helps us vet and validate data in a centralized tool. Because as long as we know that the data in mParticle is accurate, complete, and consistent, then it’s easy to send that data downstream using mParticle’s integrations.

Jordan Plecque

Manager of Data & Analytics, ChowNow


real time monitor

Live alerts and insights help you stay ahead of any issues in real time to ensure maximum data availability and minimal data downtime.

Live stream

Enables real-time monitoring of data flow so your organization can verify integration functionality and troubleshoot issues as they occur.

Platform trends

Offers insights into event activity, identities, and connections within mParticle, helping you understand data patterns and activities.

Event forwarding

Reports detail the journey of incoming event data to mParticle and its subsequent distribution to connected services, highlighting data capture and forwarding metrics.


Provides an in-depth view of data flow through the entire mParticle system, facilitating comprehensive troubleshooting with trace IDs.

System alerts

Identify and report errors encountered when forwarding data to connected outputs, aiding in the diagnosis and resolution of data transmission issues.


Optimize mParticle to support your current or future data architecture requirements and ensure complete control over compute costs.

real time configure
  • Tiered events

    This allows differentiated handling of events based on their value, enabling customers to optimize both the performance of their campaigns and their associated costs. This feature grants the flexibility to collect, store, and evaluate data based on its utility, aligning costs with the actual value derived from the data.

  • APIs

    Our APIs facilitate headless operation and automation of processes, such as deploying data plans or configuring new pipelines, saving you time and money. These APIs, including the Profile and Firehose APIs, extend mParticle's capabilities beyond pre-built integrations, addressing unique integration needs and supporting change management effectively.

  • Composability

    Our platform is designed for seamless integration with any data architecture, offering composability without the complexity of managing multiple tools. This ensures cost-effective data management and operational efficiency by minimizing the need for manual data tasks, all while allowing customers to pay only for the features they use.

Connect your data from anywhere, to anywhere.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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Security and governance

Secure by design.

From SSO to MFA, your data’s security is our priority. mParticle is built with enterprise-class security compliance, so you control data access and data encryption.