Connect your customer data to the leading marketing, analytics and data warehousing solutions with just a few clicks.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Aarki is transforming mobile app marketing through unified optimization of creative and media. It delivers superior results using proprietary machine learning technology for performance optimization.

Abakus Inc.

AttributionUser Analytics

Abakus is marketing measurement software. Abakus helps brands optimize marketing to more efficiently acquire new customers and effectively retain existing customers.



ActionX is a media partner capable of running cross-screen/device re-engagement and re-targeting campaigns.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Adikteev is a mobile marketing platform, delivering ROI through the unique combination of state-of-the-art creatives, data and artificial intelligence.



Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.

Adobe Audience Manager

Data Management Platform

Adobe Audience Manager is a Data Management Platform (DMP) that helps you build unique audience profiles based on your users web browsing activity so you can identify your most valuable segments and use them across any digital channel.

Adobe Visitor ID

User Analytics

Adobe provides analytics and optimizations for mobile apps and brings together all marketing capabilities across Adobe Marketing Cloud. This version sends data to your account using version 4.X of the Adobe API.



Adxcel is a marketing performance solution that uses artificial intelligence to discover impactful patterns in marketing data to deliver optimized experiences for your audience.


Marketing Automation

AgilOne is a predictive marketing cloud that helps retailers deliver omni-channel experiences in order to increase customer loyalty and profitability.


Raw Data ExportUser Analytics

Alooma lets you build scalable, real-time data pipelines, so you can focus on your business. Move all your data, from SaaS to transactional databases, to your data warehouse.

Amazon Kinesis

Raw Data Export

Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to work with real-time streaming data in AWS.

Amazon Mobile Analytics

User Analytics

In addition to providing usage summary charts that are available for quick reference, Amazon Mobile Analytics enables you to set up automatic export of your data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.

Amazon Redshift

Business Intelligence

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools.

Amazon S3

Raw Data Export

Amazon S3 provides a simple web-services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Amazon SNS

Raw Data Export

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push messaging service that makes it simple & cost-effective to push to mobile devices & distributed services.

Amazon SQS

Raw Data Export

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fast, reliable, scalable, fully managed message queuing service.


User Analytics

Amplitude provides product analytics that helps companies leverage cross-platform behavioral data to drive user growth.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Ampush provides direct integrations with the largest sources of in-feed, identity-authenticated inventory, and is a preferred partner of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Re-TargetingUser Acquisition

DataLift Retargeting helps our advertisers re-engage with their loyal and paying users for their mobile apps on a performance basis.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

AppLovin is a mobile marketing platform that empowers brand advertisers to profitably acquire and re-engage customers through its ability to automate the mobile buying process and attribute revenue for every dollar spent.



AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising.


AttributionUser Analytics

AppsFlyer is a leading Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics platform that allows app marketers to easily measure the performance of all their marketing channels – paid, organic and social – from a single real-time dashboard.


Push NotificationsUser Feedback

Apptentive’s mobile customer engagement software empowers you to identify who to talk to, intelligently engage user segments, and mobilize customers to take action through in-app messages, surveys, and ratings prompts.


A-B Testing

Apptimize allows iOS and Android teams to make real-time updates to the native app experience and data-driven product decisions. Teams can A/B test user flows, control feature rollouts, make instant UI changes, and more.


Crash ReportingUser Analytics

Apteligent’s crash reporting combined with real-time app performance data helps you build better, engage deeper and monetize faster.



Arbor operates the first marketplace for people-based data, enabling publishers and app developers to value and fully monetize location data in a privacy friendly, transparent manner.


Raw Data ExportUser Analytics

ironSource.atom Data Flow Management is a reliable data pipeline solution that handles all your data regardless of origin, all while giving you full control over your logs.


User Analytics

Attractor turns behavioral analytics data and customer qualitative data into conversion rate optimization insights with AI.



Beemray creates in real-time targetable audiences based on exact locations and context that deliver insights and increase engagement.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

BidMotion provides targeted user acquisition using device and user profile data.

Bing Ads

AdvertisingConversion TrackingRe-Targeting

Using Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) you can create one UET tag and place it across your website, allowing you to collect data for tracking conversion goals and targeting audiences with remarketing lists.


Marketing AutomationUser Analytics

Blueshift enables large-scale consumer marketers to automate hyper-personalized ‘Segment of One’ marketing, combining dynamic segmentation with highly personalized content, across multiple marketing channels.

Branch Metrics

AttributionDeep Linking

Branch Metrics helps mobile apps grow with deep links that power referral systems, sharing links, invites and marketing links with full attribution and analytics.


Crash Reporting

Bugsnag provides real time exception management, reporting and alerts. Can integrate with existing ticketing systems to help resolve errors quickly.


Affiliate MarketingDeep Linking

Button provides a powerful mobile affiliate platform. With a marketplace of mobile publishers, and powerful, accurate attribution and affiliation, app providers can drive installs and transactions at scale.engagement.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Chance is a global marketing solution provider, helping marketers succeed across display and video.


User Analytics

comScore Direct is an analytics platform that enables publishers to measure the effectiveness of their content across multiple media channels.


AdvertisingUser Analytics

Conversant is a personalized digital media company. We help brands and agencies deliver media to the right consumers across all devices while maintaining the highest privacy standards.”



Criteo allows you to run dynamic retargeting ad campaigns to drive conversions for retail, travel, and gaming apps, intelligently targeting users with personalized creatives.



CrossInstall A holistic ad solution for mobile app companies combining programmatic bidding with interactive ad experiences.


Raw Data Export

Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring service for IT, operations, and development teams.


Marketing Automation

DataTiger is a triggered marketing automation platform that empower marketers to react to their customer’s behavior in real-time and guide the customer journey through Push, SMS, email, ads, in-app messaging and custom web hooks.


User Analytics

Drawbridge: Our award-winning patented technology is helping us map the cross-device universe and power a more personalized internet for everyone. Connect with people, not devices.



Dynalyst provides dynamic retargeting products to leads your game-marketing into the next generation.


Re-TargetingUser AcquisitionUser Analytics

Activating this integration will enable Facebook to perform ad tracking and attribution for your Facebook campaigns, by causing mParticle to forward app event data to Facebook.

Facebook Atlas

AdvertisingConversion Tracking

Facebook Atlas is an ad server that also allows ad buyers to measure, target, and optimize digital and mobile ads.


User Acquisition

Fiksu DSP is a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to target and retain high-quality mobile audiences.


User Analytics

Flurry provides analytics and advertising solutions. Their analytics services include demographic, traffic source and event reporting.


User Feedback

ForeSee continuously measures satisfaction with the customer experience and delivers powerful insights on where organizations should prioritize improvements for maximum impact.



Gimbal helps brands and agencies perfect their marketing relevance for consumers with data.

Google AdWords Conversion

Conversion Tracking

Track purchases, signups, and conversions from Google Adwords through Google Adwords Conversion tracking pixel.

Google Analytics

User Analytics

Google provides comprehensive analytics solutions, including event, demographic, ecommerce, funnel, crash and exception reporting.

Google BigQuery

Business Intelligence

BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost analytics data warehouse.

Google Cloud Storage

Raw Data Export

Google Cloud Storage provides a file storage web service for developers and enterprises that combines the performance and scalability of Google’s cloud with geo-redundancy, advanced security and sharing capabilities.

Google DoubleClick


Google DoubleClick allows marketers to perform attribution and connect and target their user data across Google’s suite of ad products.

Google Pub/Sub

Raw Data Export

Google Cloud Pub/Sub is Google’s enterprise low-latency messaging service that enables communication between independently written applications hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and externally.


Crash ReportingUser AnalyticsUser Feedback

HockeyApp provides application testing solutions including beta distribution, test tracking and crash reports/analysis.


Affiliate Marketing

Ibotta is transforming the shopping experience by making it easy for consumers to earn cash back on everyday purchases through a single smartphone app.

Impact Radius

Affiliate Marketing

Impact Radius‘ digital marketing platform provides an integrated suite of products for media attribution, performance marketing, tag management and mobile analytics.


User Analytics

Indicative is a behavioral analytics platform for growth marketers, product managers, and data analysts to optimize customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.



InMobi provides a revolutionary discovery commerce (d-commerce) platform, enabling developers, merchants & brands can engage mobile consumers globally and power acquisition.


User Analytics

Inspectlet lets you record and replay everything visitors do on your site and find out where visitors are really looking.


User Feedback

Instabot is a conversion chatbot for mobile apps. Easily create, launch, and edit your bot on the fly, as well as see rich analytics in real-time. Instabot understands users’ needs, and increases conversion and retention rates.

Intelligent Optimisations

AdvertisingUser Acquisition

iotec is a leading Intent Marketing Platform dedicated to bringing the transformative power of machine learning to all aspects of digital marketing.


Business IntelligenceUser Analytics

Interana is a fast, flexible, and scalable full-stack behavioral analytics solution that lets everyone explore the behaviors of the people and things that interact with their digital services.


Push NotificationsUser AnalyticsUser Feedback

Intercom is one place for every team in an internet business to communicate with customers, personally, at scale—on your website, inside web and mobile apps, and by email.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Combining programmatic media buy with unique direct supply relationships, ironSource’s UA solution is designed to find the right user at the most competitive price.


Re-TargetingUser Acquisition

Jampp, built for efficiency, is the marketing platform which automatically analyzes data to make real-time bidding decisions. The technology dynamically creates user segments and customized ads to maximize in-app activity.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through a moment-based rewards platform that targets significant moments in the apps people use every day.


User Analytics

Kissmetrics provides event and user analytics including funnel and revenue analysis.


AttributionBusiness IntelligenceUser Analytics

From attribution and analytics to optimization, the Kochava platform provides precise, real-time visualization of campaign and app performance from ad impression through user lifetime value.


Data Management Platform

Krux is building a pervasive power grid for the internet that intelligently, safely connects consumer web data on a just-in-time basis to events, places, and devices where it can drive more productive, valuable UX.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Leadbolt is a high performance mobile advertising platform providing user acquisition for advertisers and app monetization for publishers.



LifeStreet is a leading global in-app advertising technology company. Its platform delivers breakthrough monetization for publishers and extraordinary volumes of quality users for advertisers.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Liftoff is a full-service mobile app marketing and retargeting platform that uses post-install data to run true CPA-optimized user acquisition and retention campaigns.


AttributionMarketing AutomationUser Analytics

Localytics provides funnel, attribution, retargeting and segmentation solutions. They also provide push and in-app messaging.


Business Intelligence

Looker brings data analysts and business teams together by making it easy for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that drives their business.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

LoopMe is the largest mobile video platform, supporting all video and full-screen formats and reaching over 1.25 billion consumers worldwide.


Data Management Platform

Lotame serves as a unifying platform to collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data from any source.



Focusing on programmatic mobile performance advertising, Manage offers solutions for media buying, campaign planning, execution and optimization.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Mediasmart. Be smart about your media buying on mobile. Reach mobile audiences effectively in Real Time

Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

Raw Data Export

Azure Event Hubs is a hyper-scale telemetry ingestion service that collects, transforms, and stores millions of events.

Millennial Media


Milliennial Media is a mobile marketplace owned by AOL, making mobile simple for the world’s top brands, app developers, and mobile web publishers


A-B TestingPush NotificationsUser Analytics

Mixpanel provides advanced event and user analytics, including funnel analysis and segmentation. They also provide push notification and survey functionality.


A-B Testing

Monetate created the most flexible and complete solutions for optimizing and personalizing your customers’ experience – from the simplest use cases to the most complex strategies.

mParticle Device Match


myTarget ( Group)

AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

myTarget myTarget provides targeted user acquisition from own biggest social networks in Russia and CIS region that reach more than 140 million people


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Nanigans is a mobile advertising automation platform that enables performance marketers to easily launch and manage ad campaigns on leading social media platforms, such as Facebook.


User Analytics

Narrative operates a Data Trading Platform focused on making it easier for organizations to directly buy and sell atomic level data to each other.

Opera Mediaworks


Opera Mediaworks We are passionate about innovative brand experiences that evoke emotion and deliver real outcomes fueled by data, technology and creativity.

Oracle BlueKai

Data Management Platform

Oracle BlueKai is a data management platform that provides third-party data for use in a company’s intelligent marketing activities.



Pinterest – Reach people who are using Pinterest to discover and plan the things they want to do in the future. Using the Ads API, businesses on Pinterest manage, scale and optimize their Promoted Pins.


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

Plarin is a leading advertising automation platform that allows marketers to easily launch and manage ad campaigns on all major Russian social media platforms, such as VK and myTarget.


User Analytics

Quantcast Measure provides free cross-platform audience measurement for your mobile app, site, network or platform.



Radar is a platform that helps companies collect, analyze, and act on location data. You can use Radar in your app to increase revenue, increase engagement, or improve operations


AdvertisingUser Acquisition

RadiumOne Mobile Analytics is a complete business intelligence solution for understanding the full user experience of your mobile app–from installation, to activity, to conversion.



Re-engage your user base with app retargeting. Remerge is a secure, efficient and scalable solution to increase retention and boost user lifetime value.

Reveal Mobile

LocationRe-TargetingUser Analytics

Reveal Mobile helps mobile app publishers use location data, derived from both lat/long and Bluetooth beacons, to generate more advertising revenue and build better products.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

RevX is an app retargeting platform that powers growth for mobile businesses through audience intelligence, programmatic media, personalized ads and ROI optimization.



SafeGraph: – Maintaining the world’s most accurate dataset on human movement.

Salesforce Mobile Push

Marketing AutomationPush Notifications

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – MobilePush provides businesses with a platform for targeting and delivering push notifications to the right audience. This integration is limited to customers who have been approved by Salesforce.

Samba TV

User Analytics

Samba TV gathers the most comprehensive real-time TV viewership data in the market. Our unique data empowers brands and media companies with audience measurement solutions to more effectively bridge the gap between TV and digital.


User Analytics

SimpleReach helps publishers, agencies and brands measure, intelligently distribute and retarget content across the most efficient channels to drive content ROI at scale.


AttributionData Management Platform

Singular has built the only unified marketing intelligence platform that delivers attribution, cost aggregation, creative reporting and workflow automation in one place, giving marketers access to unparalleled data granularity.


LocationUser Analytics

Skyhook provides geolocation and context solutions that help our customers: locate connected “things”, provide location-relevant content, visualize online and offline customer movements and optimize ad campaigns


User Feedback

Slack is a messaging app for teams. You can forward your development events to a channel or user.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Smadex is a programmatic video advertising platform for agencies and brands offering global premium scale across all video ad formats.



Snap is a camera company whose flagship application Snapchat, the Spectacles product, and a variety of publisher tools provide brands a unique platform to reach targeted audience segments with engaging and personalized content.

Snowplow Analytics

Raw Data ExportUser Analytics

Snowplow’s technology enables powerful custom analytics capabilities by making it easy for app developers to create an Amazon Redshift-powered data warehouse with their app event data.

Splunk MINT

Crash Reporting

Splunk MINT gives you meaningful crash reports in real-time that help you fix and improve your apps.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

StartApp enables partners to deliver the world’s most fulfilling mobile experiences for their users by creating innovative ways of exploring mobile users intents and behaviors.


Re-TargetingUser Analytics

Tapad Inc. is a marketing technology firm renowned for its breakthrough, unified, cross-device solutions.


AdvertisingRe-TargetingUser Acquisition

Tapjoy is a global in-app advertising and monetization platform designed to maximize the value of every user for freemium mobile app publishers.


AttributionDeep LinkingUser Analytics

Tapstream is a marketing dashboard for app makers that solves the user acquisition problem for apps.


AdvertisingData Management Platform

Taptica is a global end-to-end mobile advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users. We offer data-focused marketing solutions driving execution and powerful brand insight.


AdvertisingAttributionUser Analytics

Tenjin provides developers with a comprehensive platform for mobile app analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation, along with a data warehouse for direct access to user-level data.

The Trade Desk

AdvertisingAttributionData Management Platform

The Trade Desk provides a self-service platform that enables ad buyers to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various advertising formats, including display, video, and social, across devices.

Treasure Data

Raw Data ExportUser Analytics

Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) unifies data from multiple sources so that enterprises can engage customers anywhere.


AttributionMarketing Automation

Tune provides a platform that attributes app installs, in-app engagement, and purchases back to marketing sources.



TVSquared The gold standard for TV measurement and optimization.



The Twitter integration allows you to track the performance of your Twitter ads using Conversion Tracking and target users across the Twitter platform using Twitter’s Tailored Audiences

Urban Airship

Push Notifications

Urban Airship provides push messaging services, including segmentation and targeting capabilities.


Raw Data Export

mParticle’s Webhook forwarder enables you to POST your app event data to any endpoint that you define, in an easily-parseable JSON format.


User Analytics

Webtrends – Discover data-driven solutions and find new ways to reach your customers. We offer website analytics, measurement, testing & more.


User AnalyticsUser Feedback

Wootric collects feedback inside your web or mobile application using Net Promoter Score?, allowing you to track ongoing NPS®, follow up with customers, and quickly surface insights in an easy to use dashboard


Re-TargetingUser Acquisition

YouAppi is a growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands. YouAppi’s OneRun Platform combines AI powered predictive and cohort technology to analyze over 1.5B users, converting data into profitable users.


AttributionDeep Linking

Yozio – Organic Growth Platform for Your Apps – No Ads Required


User Feedback

Zendesk is a customer service platform. It’s designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.

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