Your customers are mobile. Why isn't your data platform?

mParticle is the customer data platform for the multi-screen era.

Trusted by more category-leading mobile apps than all other customer data platforms combined.

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Get Data Into and Out Of Any System. Without Compromise.

Improve marketing, advertising, and analytics by connecting data seamlessly across channels, the right way.

The Tools You Use Everyday, Only Better.

Unlock the full potential of your customer data across the entire journey.

Partnered Where It Counts.

Only mParticle supports rich, feature-complete integrations with all the leading analytics, marketing, and data warehousing platforms.

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Move faster and iterate with zero friction

Hear how Airbnb, Spotify, Foursquare, and Starwood use mParticle to accelerate acquisition, retention, and consumer insights.

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Created for Marketers, Loved by Engineers

Encapsulate Data Collection in a Single API

Avoid diverting engineering cycles for SDK implementation requests and get back to feature development. Integrate a single, open-source SDK that's connected to 100+ APIs.

Remove Client-Side Dependencies

Avoid technical debt and liabilities by moving your integrations server-side. Reduce network usage, app binary size, and battery consumption by removing client-side dependencies.

Test, Monitor & Maintain Your Integrations

Use mParticle’s real-time event tracking to audit, test, and maintain every new integration. Adjust integrations on the server-side without the need for an app update.

Protect Your App and Its Users

Know exactly what data you’re collecting and use granular permissions to control data access and flow. Download the fact sheet to learn more.