Improve understanding of customers

Actionable insights to drive better results

Easily answer any question about the customer journey with an intelligent view of the conversion paths across all touchpoints to optimize your customer experience, and continuously enrich customer context.

Improve understanding

Align and optimize the entire customer journey.

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    Optimize your customer journeys

    Discover the most common conversion paths from any starting or ending point in order to uncover opportunities for conversion path optimization.

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    Maximize your conversion rates

    Compare and contrast user journeys to help eliminate friction and optimize outcomes throughout the entire conversion path.

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    Analyze audience segment performance

    Create audience segments based on engagement patterns across any channel, and analyze trends to improve personalization and maximize outcomes.

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    Intelligently activate your data

    One-click segment activation and journey building capabilities make it easy to keep pace with your customers.

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increase in engagement as a result of analytics insights

How Venmo simplified mobile data collection

mParticle enabled Venmo to increase engineering efficiency by reducing the time and effort spent on mobile data collection for the marketing team.

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Real-time data and insights help Inspire and our brands deliver the best service possible to our guests. mParticle helps our teams provide better, more relevant experiences across our channels while providing support for critical data privacy initiatives.

Dan Lynn

Chief Commercial Officer, Inspire Brands

It’s key to have a tool that unlocks real-time data and insights without needing to go to a data scientist. By leveraging mParticle, you can be ahead of the game.

Miguel Martin

Global Head of Digital Marketing, Joe & The Juice

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Designed for multi-channel consumer brands.

Real time data

No data gets left behind

No matter where your customers interact with your brand, mParticle makes it easy to unify, cleanse, and activate all of your customer data in real time.

  • E2E real-time data streaming
  • Native data collection across all digital platforms
  • Integrations with leading POS and loyalty systems
  • Monitor connection health
  • Rules and filters to control what 
data is sent
Customer 360

Get a more complete view of your customer

Continually deepen and enrich your customer profiles over time. mParticle merges all data into a single customer view to drive better strategies that boost basket size, encourage repeat purchases, and increase customer lifetime value.

  • Flexible ID resolution customized to your needs
  • Supports first-party and third-party IDs
  • Group users by households for audience extension
  • Probabilistic matching to be supported soon

Reach the right audience wherever they are

mParticle’s suite of real-time segmentation tools is the most flexible offering in the market ensuring that you can always connect with your customer, across any channel, in real time.

  • Custom audience builder to manually construct audience segments based on heuristics 
  • Audience journeys to build audience segments based on the sequences of actions they may take
  • Predictive audiences allow you to set a goal (such as product purchase) and dynamically builds the best performing audience automatically
  • Analytics-powered audience activation allows you to build and activate audiences directly from any analysis that you run

Unlock customer journey insights

Continually improve your customer understanding with powerful insights about journeys, unlocking new opportunities to impress your customers and optimize the experience across the entire customer journey.

  • User-based insights to analyze and optimize the full customer journey
  • Journey analysis to see every path from any action
  • Multipath conversion analysis to optimize the order process
  • Cohort analysis identifies key drivers of retention

Augment and automate your marketing with real-time AI

mParticle's real-time AI engine makes it easy to scale results by predicting what a person is likely to do next, determining what offer or message is most relevant to a given user, recommending actions to take to avoid customer churn, and much more.

  • Build propensity scores to determine who is most likely to take an action
  • Next Best Action to get the right offer to the right user at the right time to drive loyalty
  • Real-time decisioning to make sure that in today’s fast paced world, you can always keep pace with your customers
  • Predictive audiences allow you to set a goal (such as product purchase) and dynamically builds the best performing audience automatically

Secure, manage, and leverage your data

Operate with peace of mind knowing that your customer data is always secure, accurate, and accessible—addressing risks like security breaches and regulatory non-compliance before they happen.

  • Custom roles and permission to easily govern who has access to various platform capabilities
  • Data monitoring to get real-time alerts around data or connections issues to minimize data downtime
  • Data schema management to ensure that the data that powers your stack is exactly what you expect it to be
  • Rules, filters, transformations, and controls to manipulate your data flows without ever having to change code
  • Automated DSR federation to ensure the entire stack is in-sync and compliant with your user privacy policies

See the platform in action.

With our hands-on demo, you can explore how mParticle integrates your data to help you confidently make decisions, scale efficiently, and connect online and offline experiences to delight your customers.

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Connect your data from anywhere, to anywhere.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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