The industry’s first composable pricing

Make the most of your CDP investment by configuring the mParticle platform to your needs, with a pricing framework that scales to value you receive.

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    Say goodbye to overage penalties and wasted licenses

    No monthly users or events limits means you won’t ever have to pay punishing overage fees or be left with unused licenses again.

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    Improve flexibility and control

    Designate events into Tiers and control how your data is processed based on your intended use cases.

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    Augment your existing data stack

    Buy only the components you need, whether your warehouse, mesh or the CDP acts as the system-of-record.

Get more value for your money

Compose your customer data platform and only pay for what you use.

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What you get:

  1. 1,000,000 Events Per Month
  2. 10,000 Monthly Tracked Users
  3. 3 Data Inputs
  4. 5 Destinations
  5. 3 Data Warehouse Connections
  6. 3 Real-Time Audiences
  7. 5 Calculated Attributes
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Value-based pricing

Only pay for what you use, and nothing more.

What you get:

  1. No Monthly Event / User Caps
  2. Ability to Tier Events
  3. Unlimited Data Inputs
  4. Unlimited Destinations
  5. Unlimited Data Warehouse Connections
  6. Access to All Features
  7. No Overage Penalties
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Built for the enterprise

Optimize cost with Tiered Events

Not all events are equally valuable. Align costs to value by controlling how each data point is processed by mParticle.


Use Case


Tier 1

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Resolve identity, enrich, and forward (no storage)

$ Discounted credits per million events

Tier 2

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Save events for backup and replay

$ Discounted credits per million events

Tier 3

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Build audiences or calculated attributes

$ Credits per million events

With mParticle’s new pricing model, we have improved the efficiency of our platform costs without sacrificing usage and value. The ability to tier our events and optimize our costs as our data volumes continue to grow is critical for delivering impactful customer experiences at scale.
Ramya Chekuri

Ramya Chekuri

Senior Director of Data at Equinox

How it works

  • 1
    Estimate data usage

    We will work with you to project your usage based on annual event volume, data storage requirements, and activation in our real-time personalization products.

  • 2
    Pre-purchase credits

    The more credits you purchase up front, the lower your rates.

  • 3
    Consume credits as you go

    Spend credits on any part of the platform.

  • 4
    Recharge at any time

    Refill your credits when you run low and continue to spend them at the same rates.

Get full access to any feature

Now there are no ramps, gates, or steps between you and the features you need. Don’t pay for the features you don’t want.

  • Events API & Client-side SDKs

    Collect first-party event and user data from your web, mobile, OTT, or hybrid app in real-time.

  • Warehouse Sync

    Activate your warehouse data to build more complete customer profiles and enable deeper personalization.

  • Data Quality Protections

    Create and enforce a set schema to safeguard against bad or misformatted data. Easily remediate any data quality issues with custom transformations.

  • Data Privacy Governance

    With integrated privacy controls, data filters, and DSR federation, teams can sleep well at night knowing they are always in compliance.

  • “Open-box” Identity Resolution

    Custom configure your identity resolution to map your unique business needs and regulatory restrictions.

  • Journey Analytics

    Uncover obstacles and opportunities at every point of the customer experience–from campaign conversions to product engagement.

  • Calculated Attributes

    Enrich user profiles with computed insights such as “most frequently viewed item” or “average order value”.

  • AI-Generated User Attributes

    Augment your user profile data with AI-generated predictive context such as age, household income level, and more.

  • Real-Time Audiences

    Create dynamically-updated user segments for targeting and sync them to 80+ marketing or advertising tools.

  • Predictive Audiences

    Use AI to create a goal-oriented audience based on predictive future behavior such as a customer’s likelihood to purchase a product or risk of churn.

  • Look-a-like Audiences

    Reach a new set of users that share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

  • Journey Builder

    Orchestrate multi-step, multi-branch sequences to engage customers in the right channel, at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mParticle credits? 


mParticle Credits are a universal currency that mP customers can use to buy any product on the mP platform.

Do I have to pre-purchase credits in advance, or can I post-pay consumed credits on a monthly basis?


Currently we require customers to make an upfront, contractual, credit commitment. The more credits you pre-purchase, the lower your unit rates for consumption.

When I use a particular product or feature, how many “credits” does that consume?


This will be determined by your customized rate card, based on the pre-purchased credit volume. Please reach out to your mParticle account representative for a quote estimate.

Why should I trust mParticle with my users and data?


At mParticle, the security of our platform and our customers’ data is of paramount importance. We are committed to providing the most secure Customer Data Platform (CDP) on the market.

For more information on the technical and procedural steps we take to secure the mParticle platform and your data, please take a look at our privacy policy or get in touch with us at

Are there any service limits?


mParticle imposes certain limits on incoming data to protect the performance of your apps. Our default service limits are documented here. Note, customers can contact us to request an increase for these limits.

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Startups can now receive up to one year of complimentary access to mParticle. Receive access