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Our real-time audience segmentation ensures that you always deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.


Segment and target


Easily build any audience you can think of. Deliver offers and campaigns tailored to customer interests with mParitcle’s flexible audience segmentation engine.

Audience builder

Meet the audience builder anyone can use. Categorize users through shared behavior, and identify those users’ relationships with target behavioral events.

Unified customer view

mParticle’s real-time, end-to-end CDP provides a complete and unified view of each user to power more effective personalization.

Real-time segmentation

When data is constantly flowing between your systems, your audiences are updated in real time. This gives you the ability to personalize in the moment—down to the second.

Nested audiences

Build audience segments based on historical or real-time data captured across apps, digital properties, and user activities.

Calculated attributes

Create continuously-updating user and event attribute calculations for deeper insight into your customers’ behavior.


Imagine auto-pilot mode for your segmentation—that’s a reality with mParticle’s AI engine.



Imagine auto-pilot mode for your segmentation—that’s a reality with mParticle’s AI engine.

Rather than relying on manually-constructed audiences relying on heuristics transposed from other channels, set a goal and let the power of Cortex, mParticle’s AI engine, dynamically populate and update audience segments based on performance goals in real time.

  • Cortex AI engine

    Dynamically populate and update audience segments based on performance goals, in real time. Reengage the right customers at the right times.

  • Lookalike audiences

    Reach new customers who behave like your best existing customers. Analyze user behaviors and preferences to scale customer acquisition, expand reach, and optimize engagement with our advanced AI engine.

  • Predictive decisioning

    Personalization efforts can use heuristic criteria or use predictive criteria (criteria that Cortex-powered machine learning determines based on its continuous crunching of the data).


Never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers across all channels in the moments that matter.

  • 300+ integrations

    Our robust ecosystem of real-time API-based integration partners ensures you keep pace with your customer across all channels.

  • Real-time audiences

    Deliver the right message or offer at the right time, across any channel with our real-time audiences to reduce customer acquisition costs, drive higher engagement, and boost conversion.

  • Multi-channel journeys

    Create rich audience sequences across all channels, taking personalization to the next level, boosting engagement, and driving conversion rates through more intelligent interactions.

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better coupon redemption rate with geofencing and real-time personalization

How Burger King swerved its way to 6MM loyal app users

Learn how Burger King implemented an integrated tech stack and data strategy to launch the acclaimed Whopper Detour campaign, drive 6MM app downloads, and deliver better, real-time customer experiences.

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year-over-year revenue increase from loyalty app initiatives powered by mParticle

mParticle’s real-time data insights and segmentation fuel Joe & The Juice loyalty program growth

The global QSR brand’s loyalty campaigns, powered by mParticle, led to a remarkable 75.5% year-over-year revenue surge.

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incremental revenue per year powering suppression with mParticle Audiences

How Marks & Spencer drove revenue growth with mParticle's real-time segmentation and personalization

M&S boosted revenue with mParticle by leveraging real-time data for personalized experiences, resulting in £6.5M incremental yearly revenue.

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increase in average checkout amount

How Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s deliver old school hospitality with new school tools

After partnering with mParticle, the international restaurant brand CKE had the data foundation to completely modernize the digital experience of their brand.

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Experiment with different marketing tactics and compare performance across segments. Understand what creates the greatest impact.



Experiment with different marketing tactics and compare performance across segments. Understand what creates the greatest impact.

Audience Splits

mParticle’s marketer-friendly UI makes it easy to split audiences and develop control groups for more accurate and precise testing.


Take your segmentation a step further by easily identifying where customers get stuck in their journey and activate campaigns to address that friction. The best part: No development work is required.

  • User predictions

    Set a goal and let predictive audiences do the work for you. No complex audience building, SQL, or imported heuristics needed—just better performance at unprecedented scale.

  • Journey activation

    Seamlessly activate audiences directly from your funnel analysis to target users with offers and messages that help drive engagement and optimize conversion at any point throughout the entire funnel.

  • Journey analysis

    Build funnels and cohorts based on an in-depth analysis of how customers move through your product in real time.

Connect your data from anywhere, to anywhere.

mParticle seamlessly plugs into your existing tech stack with over 300 out-of-the-box deep integrations. Want something else? Our platform is modular and flexible, powerfully configurable to fit your business needs.

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Secure by design

Secure by design.

From SSO to MFA, your data’s security is our priority. mParticle is built with enterprise-class security compliance, so you control data access and data encryption.