Data governance

Protect your customer data. Manage compliance with data privacy regulations and support the governance needs of your organization.

"mParticle easily combines several sources of information in a consistent format while successfully securing all our users' data rights. This leads to efficient downstream management as well as greater agility and business responsiveness for myShopi."

Jeroen Meeus,

Product Development Manager, MyShopi


Safeguard your customers’ privacy

    Data Subject Requests
  • mParticle is a collaborator on the OpenDSR framework, which provides a simple format for Data Controllers to work with Data Processors to comply with requests from their Data Subjects.

    Data Privacy Controls
  • Enforce granular controls over the flow of data to connected systems in adherence to compliance requirements such as GDPR / CPRA.

    IOS 14.5 AppTracking Transparency (ATT) Support
  • Honor requests from Apple users to opt-out of data collection for analytics tracking

Secure from end-to-end

Secure Customer Data

TLS encryption for data-in-transit and certificate pinning to prevent data from being intercepted.

Corporate Security

Our security team performs regular penetration tests to mitigate phishing attacks and build security into the culture of the company.

Secure Development Lifecycle 

Security is built into checkpoints from initial developer design to code to build validation and deployment.

Breach Response & Recovery 

We vow to uphold your trust by communicating critical information that could affect your data.

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