Financial Services

Enrich the value of every transaction

Streamline your customer data pipeline, use customer data to deliver contextual experiences while remaining secure and compliant.

Financial solutions
financial services data management

Personalize your customers’ financial experiences

Financial organizations who leverage their customers’ data are 1.5x more likely to exceed expectations in bottom-line profitability (Forrester). Manage user identities for a full view of the customer and personalize in real time. With mParticle, you can use omnichannel user profiles to drive one-to-one personalization anywhere you can send an HTTPS request.

financial services data management

Send your customers trusted information wherever they’re expecting it

70% of Americans use a mobile banking app, according to Bank of America. To optimize customer experience across all channels and touchpoints, you need to be able to integrate your financial app, and other properties, with the tools in your stack simply and securely. mParticle’s 250+ integrations allow you to connect users’ attributes and events to your vendors of choice. No matter what device customers are making transactions on, you’ll be able to send them the trusted information they expect.

financial services data management

Use mParticle to seamlessly integrate with leading Financial Services tools and platforms.

No more cold starts

Load historical data for immediate time to value.

Vendor A/B tests

Find the right vendor and test them out with historical data.

Save engineering hours

Spend less engineering time on integrations and maintenance.

Support privacy downstream

Collect consent and forward only the right data to your tools.

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