Data strategy


Improve data quality with mParticle’s data planning infrastructure

Data planning is the foundation of any mature data strategy. But without the ability to translate a data plan into views conducive to each team's needs, it's hard to turn planning into action. Learn how mParticle's data planning infrastructure can help you get more out of your data plan.

Joey Colvin – September 28, 2021

How to build your first-party data strategy

The demise of third-party tracking presents brands with the opportunity to invest in modern data infrastructure and build trust with their customers. Learn how you can transform your data supply chain by developing a first-party data strategy.

Joey Colvin – July 19, 2021

First-party data vs. zero-party data: Use both to drive growth

First- and zero-party data collection is becoming increasingly important as brands shift away from relying on third-party data. Learn how you can use mParticle and Iterable to collect high-quality data and use it to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Brooke Grief – June 10, 2021
build your own walled garden

Build your own walled garden

The data privacy landscape is constantly evolving. For brands to control their destiny, they need to invest in breaking their addiction to third-party cookies and building their own first-party data asset.

Michael Katz – March 19, 2021

Why you should replace your analytics tracking code with a Customer Data Platform

Analytics tracking tools have become the standard for collecting user events and understand engagement. But in a rapidly evolving market environment, sometimes "standard" isn't enough. Learn more about how you can upgrade your data pipeline with a Customer Data Platform.

Joey Colvin – January 28, 2021
cdp machine learning

How to harness the power of a CDP for machine learning: Part 2

Get a step-by-step guide to activating ML insights with mParticle and Amazon Personalize in part two of this three-part series.

Kale Bogdanovs – December 16, 2020
cdp machine learning

How to harness a CDP for machine learning: Part 1

Learn how an infrastructural Customer Data Platform can help you overcome common machine learning challenges in part one of this three-part series.

Kale Bogdanovs – December 16, 2020
Marketing technologists

19 Marketing Technologists to Watch in 2019

The 19 marketing technologists that are making an impact today and paving the path for the innovation of tomorrow.

March 29, 2019

Customer Data Platform use cases: Auto

This blog covers common use cases to help you determine which CDP features would most benefit your organization's business needs.

Abril McCloud
postmates customer story

Postmates' user experience testing platform

Learn how Postmates uses mParticle to power their user experience testing platform, leading to increased insights, improved customer experience, and better product output.

Abril McCloud

4 Fundamentals for data-driven marketing

Maslow's hierarchy states that before catering you wants, you must ensure your needs are covered. Learn what your marketing needs are before embarking on your quest for data-driven marketing.

David Spitz – February 23, 2017
machine learning personalization

Overstock's machine learning personalization engine

Learn how Overstock implemented sustainable machine learning personalization systems to create seamless customer experiences and drive one-to-one engagement.

Abril McCloud
To take advantage of the martech boom, you need to plan your digital evolution

Plan your digital evolution

The marketing landscape is changing at a lightning pace. To take advantage of the martech boom, you need to plan your digital evolution.

Anthony Westmoreland – December 05, 2017