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How Route improved tool onboarding speed and time-to-value by 79%

The Route app lets users track every package they've ordered, from any store and using any carrier, as purchases make their way to their homes. But tracking all of those packages as they travel across the country requires a seriously agile infrastructure capable of handling real-time data. Learn how Route uses mParticle as the foundational hub for their tech stack, allowing them to onboard new tools 79% faster than before to provide customers with the functionality they need without pulling engineering from core development work.

Abril McCloud – June 09, 2020

The mobile data opportunity

Michael Katz – September 18, 2014

Native apps or web?

Michael Katz – September 24, 2014

Discovery as a tool for mobile retention

Learn how discovery leads to stronger mobile retention for users who want to browse and explore content long after initial download.

Amy Johannigman – July 29, 2015