On-Demand Webinar

Exploring Composability in the Customer Data Stack

Dive into this recorded panel session featuring industry experts discussing the ascent of composability in the CDP space.

Hear insights from:

• Karan Gupta, Head of CRM at Marley Spoon
• Sunil Pereira, Principal, Industry Specialist - Advertising & Marketing at AWS
• Chee Chew, CPO at mParticle

They delve into the rise of composability within the customer data stack and share strategies to maximize your data's business impact.

The evolution of cloud data infrastructure has paved the way for various architectural approaches. Amidst this, the crucial aspect of any data strategy remains: empowering teams and driving business outcomes while optimizing costs.

Watch as our experts cover:

  • Customizing your data stack: Tailor your customer data setup to optimize costs based on your unique requirements.
  • Workflow automation: Learn to automate workflows like identity resolution while maintaining flexibility and reducing operational burdens.
  • Accessible data for all: Explore methods to democratize data access and turn insights into tangible business value.