Go beyond Reverse-ETL with mParticle Warehouse Sync

Learn how you can unify your marketing data set and accelerate data activation across the organization.

A rapid evolution in cloud data infrastructure has led to the emergence of a spectrum of architectural approaches. Central to any data strategy, though, is the mandate that data must empower data consuming teams and fuel business outcomes while also optimizing costs at scale.

Watch mParticle product leaders Sean Harding and Shafiq Shivji showcase how mParticle customers can sync events and attributes from their data warehouse to their mParticle workspace, making it easier than ever to translate data into revenue.

You'll learn:

  • Why should you care about ingesting data from a warehouse
  • How you can create warehouse pipelines, syncing events and attributes
  • How you can improve marketers' access to data without breaking anything in the data warehouse
  • How to leverage your Customer Data Platform alongside your data warehouse based on your organization’s needs