IntegrationsSeptember 16, 2015

Announcing our Branch integration

We are excited to announce our integration with Branch Metrics is now live!

We are excited to announce our integration with Branch Metrics is now live!

Branch Metrics is an mobile deeplinking platform that uses deep links to pass data through the app install process to help power referral systems, track invites and sharing links, and provide full attribution and analytics.  Deep links provide contextual data about users when they enter the app to give developers and marketers accurate information about where users come from and how to personalize the first-time experience based on where new users downloaded from.

By activating Branch Metrics in the mParticle platform, you can deliver a customized experience by sending users to specific content inside your app, even if it’s their first time opening the app. Branch deep links work on all devices so a single link remains active across any platform.  They also allow you to monitor attribution for both paid and organic channels and gain insight into which product features and marketing efforts have been most effective.

You can begin sending data from your mobile app to Branch Metrics though the Services section of your mParticle account. For more information about mParticle or our latest integration, drop us a line at!


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