IntegrationsMay 25, 2016

Announcing our Indicative integration




Mobile app providers face a number of challenges in effectively cultivating the growth of their user base. Those challenges have expanded far past just acquiring new users, to effectively engaging, converting and retaining those users. mParticle’s newest integration partner, Indicative, provides a behavioral analytics platform that enables organizations to derive insights from customer data captured across the lifecycle of their users.

The Indicative – mParticle integration allows mobile marketers to rapidly combine key mobile application data with other sources of behavioral data (e.g. websites, mobile apps, marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, etc.) and analyze the full 360 degree view of customer behavior. Traditionally the approach for web or mobile data analytics required a variety of human resources and skill sets (such as data experts / scientists, developers, engineering, IT) and business impact and outcomes were months away. Organizations using Indicative and mParticle together, allow mobile marketers to immediately dig in on what behaviors create that “a-ha” moment for their app users and lead to increased retention, without the costs associated with adding/removing SDKs or needing to know code and SQL. Developers can focus on building the app features that provide an exceptional experience while marketers and product managers can leverage data to meet and exceed their growth goals.

With apps, the customer experience really only begins when someone chooses to install them. mParticle makes collecting and connecting app data seamless and easy, and we’re thrilled to work with Indicative as our latest integration partner.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Indicative and mParticle can help enable your growth goals.  

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