IntegrationsJanuary 27, 2016

Announcing our Wootric integration

Many of the most customer-centric businesses in the world use Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as the “one number that matters” to measure and improve everything from product design to customer service centers. Our newest integration partner Wootric makes it easy to use NPS to optimize your mobile app (and drive positive app store reviews). It integrates cleanly with your app user experience and features a beautiful interface for delivering the NPS survey, pushing promoters to the app stores, and gleaning insights that are marketer and end-user friendly.

Now, with Wootric’s integration into mParticle, it’s faster than ever to deploy Wootric. What’s more, you can also connect NPS scores and customer feedback to other relevant data. So, for example, you can learn more about what behaviors or screens led to a positive (or negative) NPS. Or, you can even create a segment of positive (or negative) NPS responses and serve them a relevant in-app message or push notification.

We all know that development doesn’t stop just when the app is launched, and that collecting and connecting data is a critical first step. mParticle makes it easy for app marketers to try out new tools and approaches without having to wait for the next sprint. We are excited to have Wootric join our platform and hope they can help you increase your customer happiness.


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