Get to market faster with mParticle's Accelerator Program for Startups

mParticle is offering qualified startups an opportunity to leverage its enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform (CDP) that powers customer experiences for today’s leading brands. Accepted startups will receive up to one year of complimentary access to mParticle.

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Program benefits

  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Protect customer data and privacy rights with strong encryption, governance controls, and live monitoring.

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Connect to 250+ of the leading marketing, analytics, and data warehousing solutions.

  • 360º view of your customers
  • Associate customer profiles across channels, devices, and systems into a single unified view.

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be a consumer brand (i.e. B2C only)
  • Generate less than 1M events a month
  • Less than 250 employees

Tomorrow’s enterprise companies use mParticle today

mParticle provides essential data infrastructure that enables the next generation of leading brands. Focus on your customer experience, not your stack.

Via shows its users what great looks like

Using mParticle, Via unifies its analytics, location data and messaging platform. With this critical infrastructure in place, Via is able to send real-time push notifications to alert drivers of ebbs and flows in demand, and reduce Via riders’ wait times to deliver better user experiences.

mParticle brings our data into one place, so we can understand where users can benefit from an improved experience.

Adam Kitain

Senior Growth Associate, Via

Key results

  • Saved 250 hours of engineering time
  • Via saved months of engineering and data scientist hours by implementing mParticle.

  • 85% of growth linked to referrals
  • By leveraging mParticle, Via has seen 85% of it’s growth come from word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Connected to 7 systems
  • Within minutes, Via assembled a best-in-class, fully integrated growth stack.

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Skip the sales process — approved accounts get instant access.