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From marketing to analytics to customer support, mParticle empowers different teams to execute on their KPIs independently while understanding the customer holistically. Learn how mParticle's platform can leverage your data across many tools to drive customer engagement. 

An overview of mParticle, the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) for multi-channel consumer brands.

Use mParticle to:

  • Ensure Data Quality: With mParticle, the right data is not only collected and formatted properly but also merged into the appropriate customer profiles via Advanced Identity Resolution.
  • Improve Data Control: Apply filters, conditional forwarding rules, and transformations to any of your integrations or replay data into any system at any point.
  • Integrate Better: Not all integrations are created equal. mParticle not only supports more integrations but also ensures full feature support to our partner ecosystem.
  • Protect Your Customers: Comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA with easy-to-use filters and integrated deletion requests.

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