Europe's real-time customer data pipeline

From analytics to privacy and data governance to customer support, the mParticle customer data platform empowers the biggest brands in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to leverage data across many tools to:
  • Unify: Gain access to a unified view of your customers' activity across channels, devices, and platforms
  • Segment: Easily collect the right data to create, format, and merge custom audience profiles, as well as sync them to marketing automation tools and ad platforms
  • Control: Apply filters, conditional forwarding rules, and transformations to any or your integrations or replay data into any system at any point
  • Connect: Instantly integrate with marketing clouds, email, push, and advertising platforms with full feature support to our partner ecosystem
  • Protect: Comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR with easy-to-use filters and integrated deletion requests

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Trusted by EMEA's leading brands

Invia Group: Powered by mParticle

Invia Group's booking websites had 225 million visitors in 2018 alone. The Pan-European leader in online travel services needed to deliver a best-in-class customer experience to each of the 3 million passengers traveling with their brands. To achieve this, Invia required mParticle's real-time customer data platform (CDP) to provide a scalable, omni-channel solution for:

  • Improving ROI of email marketing and base personalization on a complete view of each customer's journey across channels, devices, and engagements
  • Democratizing access to customer journey data with robust segmentation capabilities
  • Increasing speed while minimizing reliance on IT support for personalization and experimentation

Life without a CDP just meant friction and I needed to annoy a lot of people to get the segments I wanted. Now things are running more smoothly and we can execute experiments in marketing or in product way faster than we could before.

Tom Packebusch

Head of Experimentation, Invia Travel

Support GDPR compliance across the technology stack

Protect consumers’ privacy across devices, digital touchpoints, and technology vendors with data controls built specifically for GDPR compliance.

How mParticle addresses GDPR

  • Manage and activate consent
  • Collect, store, and share consent permissions and use permissions to control data flows

  • Honor data subject rights
  • Manage and fulfill data subject requests for access, erasure, and portability

  • Monitor data flows in real time
  • Gain a transparent view of what customer data is being collected and where it’s being sent

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