IntegrationsApril 28, 2016

Announcing Our BigQuery integration

We’re thrilled today to be releasing our integration with BigQuery.

BigQuery is Google’s fast, economical and fully managed cloud data warehouse. Since its launch six years ago it’s become one of the most popular solutions for analytics teams looking to graduate from MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQL Server while avoiding expensive perpetual license MPP databases.

The mParticle integration means that you will now be able to load your data for analysis into BigQuery with minimal effort, and not just once but continuously, even as your mobile data evolves (which it inevitably will). Where before you’d have to batch mobile data from most services (beyond Google’s own Analytics) over to BigQuery, now with the mParticle integration you have one easy to implement, easy to use delivery mechanism.




  • Stream data into BigQuery and start analyzing in near real-time
  • Store data in separate tables by event name and by week. This enables you to query specific tables to minimize cost, since BigQuery charges by how much data is queried
  • With BigQuery’s support on nested objects, you can easily perform analysis as granular as event attributes, user attributes, or the list of products associated with a purchase event
  • Data from all your apps stored in one BigQuery data set, and thus you can query data across multiple apps and web properties to generate omni-channel insights
  • Import data into your favorite modeling tools (R, python, SAS, etc)
  • All of your retained data can be made available in BigQuery – no compromises!

For more information on how our BigQuery integration works, visit

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