AWS + mParticle

Create a 360-degree view of your customers across your AWS infrastructure with mParticle. Collect, standardize, and transform first-party engagement data from every customer touchpoint and connect it to Amazon S3, RedShift, Personalize, and Kinesis for better insight without the extra coding and engineering maintenance.

Stream your data directly to Kinesis

Stream standardized, schematized customer data directly to Kinesis for analysis and to power real-time personalization to create consistent experiences across every customer touchpoint and device.

Redshift data without the data prep

mParticle's data governance capabilities and centralized data repository, Data Catalog, allow you to send exactly the data you need to Redshift without having to build and maintain additional data pipelines. Filtering ensures you can control what is shared, so your customers' trust and your AWS budget remains intact.


Machine-learning-based personalization with Amazon Personalize

Use mParticle to power machine-learning-based personalization for your end-users without having to use engineering time to build and maintain additional data pipelines.