Data Quality

Data Planning

Stop dirty data from messing with your business objectives.

  • Build trust across key stakeholders

  • Speed up development and reduce costly cleanups

  • Increase the efficacy of your downstream connections


  • data-planning
  • Build trust by aligning stakeholders
  • Increase confidence in your customer data by fostering a culture of trust across all data stakeholders.

  • data-planning
  • Say no to bad data
  • Avoid costly cleanups, reduce schema errors, and increase developer velocity.

  • data-planning
  • Democratize your customer data
  • Remove the black box surrounding your customer data and increase transparency with marketers, product managers, and data scientists.


Quickly identify and debug non-conforming data

Make it easier for developers to identify data quality errors–the proverbial needles in the haystack–and take prompt corrective action.

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Collaboratively define schemas and set expectations

Build and maintain plans in the way that works best for your team. Use a spreadsheet, user interface, and/or update plans programmatically with our Data Planning API.

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Track customer data in real-time

Visualize your customer data as it flows into mParticle from different sources.

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