mParticle for Rakuten Rewards

Understand your customers’ engagements from first click to conversion, and use those insights to build granular audiences that can be activated across channels in real time.

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Advanced Audience builder

Build rich audience segments based on user event history, attributes, and calculated attributes and connect them to your favorite paid media and messaging platforms instantly via 75+ enterprise-grade audience integrations. Build audiences once, connect them to multiple outputs and share them across business units.

Secure data infrastructure

Ingest customer data from across channels through a single point of collection and connect it to your favorite tools in just a few clicks. Improve customer data quality across your tech stack and save your developers time in the process.

Profile API

Leverage unified customer profiles to create one-to-one personalized experiences for your users, anywhere you can make an HTTP request.

Data Warehouse export

Connect high quality customer data to your data warehouse, such a Snowflake, so that you can query raw data directly. Stream incoming data in real time and load historical data.