On-Demand Workshop

How The Wall Street Journal optimizes campaign targeting with AI

Learn more about how The Wall Street Journal improves personalization programs with predictive insights—and how you can too.

Interest in AI’s applications in marketing has increased dramatically in recent years. But with limited access to data science resources and lack of clarity on practical use cases, marketing teams are still trying to demystify AI’s role in their strategy and understand how they can realistically get started.

When you look beyond the hype, it’s clear that AI has the potential to transform marketers’ impact on the business, increasing efficiency and driving as much as a 5-10% increase in sales (Scaling AI Pays Off, No Matter the Investment, Boston Consulting Group, 2023).

In this session, Caroline Albanese, Product Director at The Wall Street Journal, shares how her team is leveraging predictive insights to boost the responsiveness, quality, and scale of their marketing programs, delivering experiences that eclipse customers’ expectations and drive growth.

You'll learn:
  • How The Wall Street Journal is using AI to improve marketing ROI today 
  • What Predictive Audiences are, and how they help you get more value out of your first-party data
  • How to build an audience based on AI insights in under 10 minutes (without support from Data Science)