WorkshopsJanuary 11, 2024

Eliminate guesswork with the power of AI

Learn how you can translate your customer data into intelligence, eliminating guesswork and increasing personalization accuracy.

As customer journeys are becoming more complex, marketers are often forced to make decisions with incomplete data sets. But with the power of AI, teams have the opportunity to remove guesswork from decision-making and act with greater confidence.

Watch mParticle's Head of Machine Learning Product, Alex Holub, discuss how you can leverage mParticle to translate your customer data into AI-powered predictions, eliminating uncertainty and increasing personalization accuracy.

You'll learn:

  • The steps for turning customer data into intelligent decisions at scale
  • How to perform journey analytics with mParticle, and use that insight to activate campaigns
  • How to generate predictive insights with mParticle Cortex, and use predictions for AI-powered personalization

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