Use Cases

Boost app ratings and reviews with Apptentive


Of all app-related business goals, positive ratings and reviews are the gateway to success. Consumers have become skeptical of digital marketing activities, and peer recommendations in the form of app store ratings and reviews stand alone as the single greatest driver of discovery and conversion. With Apptentive, it’s possible to boost your positive app store ratings and increase reviews in a matter of days.

The integration between mParticle and Apptentive allows mobile app providers to improve their ratings and reviews by listening to and acting on customer feedback while also maintaining the security and control required for iOS and Android data regulations.

The Apptentive Love Dialog is a simple, powerful starting point for understanding customer sentiment throughout their lifetime. It begins with a simple phrase: “Do you love our app?” If a customer selects “No,” they don’t love your app, and you have an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on how to turn the in-app experience into something they do love through a survey or a conversation. Those who select “Yes” are perfect candidates to prompt to leave a review in the app store via the Rating Dialog, which enables you to engage with your customers, solicit constructive feedback, and drive great ratings and reviews in the app stores.

By helping you deliver review prompts to the right users, at the right time, Apptentive helps you gather valuable feedback and ensure that happy customers rate your app publicly. This use case walks you through how you can use mParticle and Apptentive to leverage the Love Dialog to improve your iOS and Android app store ratings and reviews.

Step 1: Collect user events from iOS and Android

mParticle’s iOS and Android SDKs allow you to implement events once and forward them to multiple downstream tools via server-side integrations, saving you from having to implement a new series of events for every tool you are using. The Apptentive Kit for the mParticle iOS and Android SDKs allows you to collect customer feedback data from the Love Dialog and Rating Dialog experiences in addition to the Custom Events, User Attributes, and Screen Views already being collected by the mParticle SDKs, and forward them directly to Apptentive without any custom development.

Step 2: Forward custom data

Once you have collected User Attributes in mParticle, they can be sent to Apptentive by activating the Apptentive Event integration. Using mParticle’s Data Filter, you can control exactly which events and attributes are forwarded to Apptentive, helping to manage consent and support data privacy. Once in Apptentive, this data will appear as Person Custom Data and can be used in two ways:

  1. Targeting the Apptentive Love Dialog. For example, you can show an Apptentive Love Dialog only to customers with a specific Person Custom Data value.
  2. Powering Appentive reporting. For example, if you display a Love Dialog to all customers, you can see the Person Custom Data values for specific customers in line with their responses to the Survey.

Step 3: Configure Apptentive Interactions

In addition to collecting user attributes, you can use mParticle Apptentive Kit to collect any kind of Apptentive Interaction, such as Love Dialog, Ratings Dialog, Surveys, Notes, and Message Center, and forward them to Apptentive. All you need to do is configure them in your Apptentive Dashboard via the Interactions tab.


Step 4: Customize your feedback experience 

Using a short phrase with the word “love” often results in the highest number of five-star ratings and quality feedback. However, every app is different, and the language you use in your feedback experience may vary based on a number of factors. The Apptentive Love Dialog and Ratings Prompt are easily customizable through your dashboard, allowing you to reach your audience with the appropriate voice. You can also override many of the global styles to customize the look and feel of every interaction.

Step 5: Drive better ratings and reviews based on real-time customer emotion

As long as the mParticle Apptentive Event integration is active, any events collected into mParticle will be forwarded downstream to Apptentive in real time. As you receive data in Appentive, you can leverage Apptentive’s precision targeting to segment “Who”, “Where”, and “How Often” to prompt for feedback. Set up separate targeting on your Rating Dialog that prompts only those customers that tapped “Yes” on the Love Dialog, as well as have completed additional actions.


User selects "Yes" in Apptentive Love Dialogue


User selects "No" in Apptentive Love Dialogue