Use Cases

Understand your customers' needs with Narrative


Collecting first party data from your customers is the foundation of delivering meaningful experiences and building customer trust. That said, to gain a more advanced understanding of customer needs, prevent churn, and assess share of mind, it’s often helpful to enrich 1st party customer profiles with granular 3rd party data. 

Enrichment services such as Narrative enable companies to fuel their data strategies and enrich first-party data at the individual-level with complete control. Here’s a step-by-step look at how to leverage mParticle’s bi-direction integration with Narrative makes it easy to unite new data to single customer profiles and activate that data for rigorous analysis.

Step 1: Develop a secure, high-quality customer data set

Being able to enrich data first requires you to have a set of reliable first-party customer data at your disposal. By using mParticle as a single tool for collecting all of your customer data across touchpoints, you can have a complete understanding of what data you are capable of collecting through your owned properties. This makes it much easier to understand what you are not collecting, and identify gaps in your understanding of your customers that can be filled through  third-party enrichment.

Step 2: Combine cross-channel, real-time customer data into unified profiles

Now that you are collecting reliable first-party data from all of your digital touchpoints, mParticle will combine this data into persistent customer profiles tied to unique IDs, allowing you to build understanding of your customers’ interests, preferences, lifetime value and other attributes in even greater detail. Deriving as much detail out of your first-party data as possible will help you get even more value out of your enrichment data sets.

Step 3: Send your customer IDs from mParticle to Narrative

Now that you have high-quality customer profiles built on first-party data, you can forward unique customer IDs from mParticle to Narrative where you can acquire third-party enrichment data to supplement these profiles. You can do this using the Narrative Event integration, which allows you to forward user events and attributes in real time, or the Narrative Audience integration, which enables you to push Audiences built in mParticle to Narrative where they will be available for enrichment.

Step 4: Use Narrative to better understand your customers' needs

With your unique customer identifiers in Narrative, you can acquire the third-party data points that can help you better understand the needs of your customers, like buying behavior datasets to help you predict future purchases choices, for example.

Step 5: Activate your enriched customer profiles in growth tools in mParticle

Using the Narrative Feed integration, you can now push your enriched customer data sets back into mParticle, where they will be matched with user profiles and profiles will be updated. Now you can connect your enriched customer profiles to your preferred analytics and data warehouse tools for deep analysis on share of mind, churn risk, customer needs and more. Data can be pushed from Narrative to mParticle either one off or on an ongoing basis. For specific information on enrichment data that can be pushed to mParticle, see our Narrative Feed docs.