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Power per-location advertising with Hyperlocology


As a franchise or multi-location brand marketer, ensuring every location has effective, locally-relevant and brand-aligned digital advertising is a challenge. The Hyperlocology platform helps streamline per-location digital advertising through an intuitive dashboard that unifies corporate and local marketing. 

With Hyperlocology, all brand advertising—funded with corporate budgets, ad funds, and local budgets—can be executed across the top marketing channels and customized for each location. This includes dedicated location budgets, localized creative, custom targeting, individual landing pages, custom local audiences, and per-location reporting.

With the Hyperlocology and mParticle integration, brands can now seamlessly deploy their customer data to inform and enhance advertising at the individual location level. 

1) Brand marketers can now develop custom look-alike audiences for each location to power ad fund advertising.

2) Brand marketers can launch advertising in specifically targeted locations that leverages customer data to address local market objectives.

3) Brand marketers can make audiences available for local advertising campaigns that franchisees can pay for and launch in a few clicks via an intuitive dashboard.

Here are six easy steps multi-location and franchise brands can take to unlock per-location advertising with the customer data power of mParticle and the per-location advertising capabilities of Hyperlocology.

Step 1:  Determine your per-location advertising use case

With a per-location approach to brand advertising, you’re able to:

  • Create look-a-like audiences to enhance targeting, customized for every location
  • Target individual location market areas to accomplish objectives like supporting struggling locations, addressing local competition with impactful messaging, or optimizing creative in targeted locations to address local consumer preferences or other local dynamics
  • Offer new local advertising campaigns for franchisees to launch in a few clicks — customer recovery, LTOs, loyalty, hiring, and more

Decide which campaign you’d like to run based on your location-specific goals and budget.

Step 2: Get your Brand ID and API key from Hyperlocology Success Manager

If you’re not a current Hyperlocology customer, reach out to the Hyperlocology Success Team to help create a brand account. Once you have an account, you can use your Brand ID and API key to enable the mParticle integration.

Step 3:  Setup the mParticle Hyperlocology event integration 

Brand marketers can then connect their mParticle workspace and Hyperlocology in a few easy steps. Contact your Hyperlocology Success Manager to access your Hyperlocology Brand ID and API key to enter into the mParticle UI. With those details, you can activate the connection and control which customer data is forwarded from mParticle to Hyperlocology. As data is ingested in Hyperlocology, you can use it to power per-location advertising.

Step 4: Connect your audiences to Hyperlocology

With Hyperlocology, you can execute multiple types of cross-channel advertising campaigns on an individual location level. Advertising on Hyperlocology can be funded by corporate budgets, ad funds budgets, or local franchisee budgets. Set brand and campaign parameters so no location(s) goes rogue, and determine which locations are eligible for specific campaigns.

Common campaign configurations and capabilities on Hyperlocology:

  1. Program: Always-on advertising that typically consists of lower-funnel tactics like local search and site audience retargeting. These campaigns gather engaged consumers and are the backbone for individual location success for all future advertising. Learn more about how brands create audiences per location and foster transparency for franchisees with Programs.
  2. Always Available: A marketing initiative that doesn't have an expiration date. Unlike time-sensitive campaigns, business owners can run these campaigns repeatedly. They transcend short-term tactics like flash sales or seasonal promotions.
  3. Limited Time: Offer campaigns that are only available for franchisees within a specified time frame, typically coinciding with national offers.
  4. Brand Match: For any of the above campaign types, you can incentivize your franchisees to invest more in local advertising by matching local budgets with additional corporate funds. Check out how brands are leveraging Brand Match to drive adoption.

Step 5: Start your advertising

You’ll have a dedicated Hyperlocology Success Manager to help with platform setup, strategy, and recurring meetings to drive results from the Hyperlocology platform. 

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