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Personalization is crucial for driving engagement and conversions—MoEngage customers have seen up to 30% higher conversions when personalization is involved. Great personalization is built upon high-quality customer data. Customer data, however, is often siloed across enterprise tools, inconsistent, and not easily available to marketers. With MoEngage and mParticle, you can now break down those silos, synchronize all of your customer data, and leverage it for campaign strategy and content personalization. 

This article will walk through how marketers can leverage the mParticle MoEngage integration to aggregate purchase and behavior data from various enterprise systems, analyze data to derive actionable insights, and leverage data for segmentation and personalization.

Step 1: Aggregate customer data from across channels

Omnichannel businesses have multiple systems where customer data is stored, and it is often hard to connect to multiple tools to aggregate customer data. mParticle helps you simplify your data infrastructure by allowing you to collect customer data from client-side and server-side environments into a single system, where it is checked for quality and resolved to customer profiles, and making it easy to forward your data out to downstream tools, such as MoEngage, without any custom development.

Imagine a customer who comes to a pizza store three times each month, using their phone number to collect loyalty rewards. They sometimes order via the pizza store’s app using their email address, and sometimes just dial the store up and place an order. The customer’s data is now present in three different places, the store, the app, and the reception desk. By collecting data from across channels with mParticle, the pizza store can centralize a complete view of customer engagement in a single system.

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Step 2: Forward customer profiles to MoEngage

mParticle IDSync automatically merges historical purchase and preference data with real-time behavioral data about campaign responses, products viewed, and more. These customer profiles can be forwarded to MoEngage via mParticle’s MoEngage Event integration. Supported event types include commerce events, custom/app events, user attribute change and more.

Step 3: Build cohorts in MoEngage

Once that data has arrived in MoEngage, you can use it to create cohorts of users based on the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value of their transactions. Enrich your user profiles with this information, identify users with high purchase intent, and send them targeted communication. 

For example, an omnichannel grocery chain can aggregate purchase data across PoS, Ecommerce and App and pass it to MoEngage, where marketers can leverage the automated Predictive Segments from MoEngage to build effective campaign strategies. They can personalise offers based on segment - Potential Loyalist customers get offers for number of visits in a month vs Champions get offers based on basket size.


The mParticle MoEngage Event integration allows you to synchronize data from different sources and create custom segments that capture your users’ micro-moments. This integration enables you to send user data and behavioral data between MoEngage and mParticle, and forward to other analytics partners as well. By understanding how your users engage with your brand, you can identify personality or behavior trends and craft relevant messaging that speaks to them.

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