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Power your customer loyalty with White Label Loyalty


CAC (cost of customer acquisition) used to be the foremost metric used to assess growth performance. With social advertising costs growing exponentially in the last few years, however, scaling a business by directing all money to paid acquisition has become a less viable strategy.

(For more on the importance of driving retention, check out this great article from Forerunner ventures.)

An alternative option to focusing solely on acquisition is to invest in creating a better experience for the customers you do have, increasing retention and LTV. A great way in which to improve the customer experience is by offering a loyalty program to high-value customers. 

Building a loyalty program from the ground up can, however, require a significant amount of engineering investment. This use case walks through how you can use mParticle and White Label Loyalty to launch advanced loyalty experiences without having to design the program from scratch, saving developer resources and providing your business teams with greater agility.

Step 1: Collect customer data from across channels

Each customers’ loyalty experience is forever evolving based on changes in preferences and purchase behavior. To understand these changes, it’s important to be able to track how customers are engaging with your products in real time.

mParticle’s SDKs and APIs make it easy to collect user events from across platforms such as mobile apps, websites, OTT platforms, IoT and more into a single system. As data is collected into mParticle, it is validated against your established data plan and unified to deterministic customer profiles. 

With a centralized database of high-quality data from throughout the customer journey, you’re more easily able to define Audience segments, build data intelligence into your product experience, and connect data to the third-party tools you are using for marketing, analytics, and data warehousing.

Step 2: Connect the White Label Loyalty Event integration for real-time event forwarding

Once you’re collecting data into mParticle, you can connect the White Label Loyalty integration and control which events you’d like to send downstream.

mParticle’s White Label Loyalty Event integration allows you to forward events from mParticle to White Label Loyalty as they are ingested into the mParticle system. Any event enrichment that occurs in mParticle, such as identity resolution or the tying of user consent state to events, will also be shared with White Label Loyalty.

If you’d like to manage which specific events are forwarded to White Label Loyalty, mParticle Data Filter allows you to control which events and attributes are forwarded to each downstream destination.


Step 3: Define the rules and reactors of your loyalty program

Next, you can use the data arriving in White Label Loyalty to design loyalty experiences for your customers.

As the White Label Loyalty platform is an event-based system, you can define how to reward your customers based on customer engagement data. The White Label Loyalty reactor engine allows you to set any reaction/reward for any customer action. For example, you could award a set number of points to a customer when they engage with a specific campaign, or send a customer a reward after they have purchased a specific product.

White Label Loyalty provides a ready-built Customer Interface that you can use to design loyalty experiences and embed them into your existing app or website, saving you development resources. Alternatively, you can use White Label Loyalty API’s to build your own interface or connect an existing one. 

With mParticle’s White Label Loyalty integration, you can design an advanced customer loyalty program based on high-quality customer data without having to manage data collection, data validation, and identity resolution in multiple tools.

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